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Monday, June 13, 2011 by {darlene}

ooh, this is a good one, people! There is too much about this gorgeous living room by Nate Berkus that I want to ditto. I had better get started!

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. gold and navy. A stunning combination that deserves much consideration!
  2. symmetrical furnishings that are “facing off.” I love when furnishings have a symmetrical pair, and when a designer is brave enough to have them face each other head on, as the large beige chairs do next to the sofa. Or the ottomans across from the sofa. Gutsy and crisp!
  3. multiple conversation areas. It is always wise to break up a room into smaller “rooms,” as Nate does here. While this is a particularly large room, this can be done in many average size spaces. Most people tend to put too much floating space between their conversation furnishings. Check out this floor plan to see how I moved the sofa closer to the fireplace to allow for an entirely new table area.
  4. deep blue walls balanced with a lot of white. Crisp contrast. Simply beautiful.
  5. a stunning day bed, draped in fur. backed by a mirror fit for a queen. before you dismiss this idea for your own home, ask yourself, why not have a daybed draped in fur??
  6. differing heights of furniture. This is done so well in this space. Take the huge, tall mirror, then the low, long daybed. How about the tall, gold shelving in the back of the room that ties into the low gold rimmed coffee table and side table? Did I mention that I love the decorating power of contrasts?
  7. plenty of breathing room, flow, and order. all contribute to the feeling of peace in this space.
  8. dark navy lampshades, that happen to match the pillows on the couch. They are so stunning. Never underestimate the impact of good lampshades.
  9. a grand, grand, gold rug. How I love thee.
  10. two bench ottomans as part of the main seating area. It is a great, flexible way to add seating to a living room, without it feeling crowded. The eye just sails right over the ottomans to see the sofa, which grounds the room. I did this in edie’s living room design.
  11. circles and squares and rectangles. See how many you can count. Classic form is everywhere.
  12. pure white drapes that are not sheers. hmmm. haven’t thought of that in a while. 
  13. ground the room with neutrals. This room is filled with neutral pieces, and it makes the grand pieces have that much more impact. For example, there are plenty of beige chairs. But that is what allows the yellow couch with the navy pillows to capture the attention of the eye. 
  14. Drama.  Grand scale is everywhere, but so is flow of space, and the restraint to add only beautiful objects. That is what adds the drama.
Which elements would you pick, 1 -14, to ditto from this space?
- {darlene}

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  • Hi Darlene! Thanks for stopping by! This living room is stunning! I want to use it as my new inspiration room…looking forward to reading your blog as well!


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