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Monday, June 27, 2011 by {darlene}

Happy Monday! It seems like a perfect summer day for a sun-shiny ditto, does it not? How about this beautiful space {source unknown}?

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:
  1. dramatic windows that open like doors. If money were no object, I would install these European style windows in every room in my home. Not only are they dreamy to look at, and perfect for dreaming as you look out of them, they also offer the most magnificent view when opened. They let the perfect breeze in, and offer the perfect escape out… just right for sitting on the rooftop.
  2. huge, buffalo-check, sunny-side-up curtains. What a flowing delight these curtains add to this living space! I am also a fan of sheer curtains that are hung about ¾ of the way up on your windows. This provides the perfect amount of privacy, while adding texture, beauty and practicality. And the yellow is so cheerful and lovely!
  3. a low-profile-back sofa. I love low-profile backed sofas for their ability to “breathe” within a space. Since the eye can easily travel over the back of the sofa, it allows a room to feel larger. In other words, the back does not stop your vision from seeing what is beyond.
  4. brown and yellow and green; a stunning and fresh color scheme. I used it here in my Mocha Room, and posted about it here. This space succeeds with a variety of beautiful browns, yellows that range from mustard to sunshine, crisp whites everywhere, and just a splash of green in a stunning palm. So classy.
  5. art prints. I don’t know if these particular prints are digital prints or not, but you would be amazed at the number of inexpensive and stunning digital art prints that are available for download. Buy, print, frame and you have lovely art… today! Go to Etsy and have fun browsing the grand variety of digital art prints.
  6. convertible coffee tables. This table is magnificent. And look! It has gorgeous trays that you can pull out from inside the table; such gorgeous practicality. Right up my ally. And check out the handles that are used to pull out the trays. This is a piece of art: does anyone know the source for this amazing table? Do tell!
  7. a subtle mix of monochromatic pillows; and lots of them. These beauties add so much texture and layer to the room, as well as solidify the color scheme. And don’t miss the stunning drama that the one bold patterned pillow adds. This pillow earns it glamour directly from the restraint shown by the rest of the pillows.
  8. a large potted palm. I am loving palms these days. Maybe it is because I recently dined with one of my most beloved friends at The Palm Court at the Plaza:{That’s Caroline. I cannot tell you how much I love her… just know that she is one of the most amazing and special people to grace this earth. that’s all.}: back to the gorgeous Palm Court! just look at all those beautiful, dramatic, and lively fronds in the background! If I wasn’t so sure I would kill a palm tree in one week, I would scoop one up right away, and place it in my front hall.
What would you ditto from this sunny space?
- {darlene}

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  • Without a doubt, the windows. Oh, those windows! On second thought, our dog might jump through them, and then the boys would have to follow…
    beautiful, darlene! xoxo michele

  • allenaim photography and design

    You should get a palm tree!! for sure!!!! I love low sofas like this one and love how light and airy the yellow is even while being bright…bright yellow gets so heavy, but it isn't at all here…did you put this on dwelling gawker yet???

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