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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 by {darlene}

Business first :) Just in case you missed Tuesday’s post, my wait list will be temporarily reopening on this Friday, June 24th at 9:30 AM EST. At that time, I will be accepting an additional limited number of clients to my list.

You can purchase Design Services this Friday, after 9:30 AM EST, by 

  1. going to my Design Services page,
  2. scrolling to the bottom,
  3. and paying via PayPal.

After my list has reached the number of services I am comfortable adding, the list will close again, and the PayPal button will disappear. I hope to be doing a Design Board with you!!

okay, on to fun, not-so-business-y stuff:

I am so excited to tell you about my day with Amy last week. She is the biggest darling. I just love her. And SUCH a smart cookie. I am hoping she will do a guest post for me {are you reading this, Amy??}, to tell all of you her tips for beautifully photographing interiors.
She made my house look so wonderful! {next four pics by Allenaim Photography}:

{oh dear. now you can see how slowly I am moving with my boys’ room re-decorating. If only those dern bunkie boards would come….}

And such useful, practical tips!

*Did you know that after you take a picture, you should look at the white items in the picture in order to see if it is over-exposed or if the color is off?? I know someone out there is saying “DUH!”, but that is why I love Amy. She didn’t say “duh.” :)

*Did you know that the lower your F number-thingy is, the more light you will get in your picture? {that is layman’s terms, okay?}
Clearly we need Amy to explain this better.

But the bottom line is, I had so much fun and learned SO much. I highly recommend finding a talented professional, and then hire/beg them to help you to understand your own fancy-dancy camera. It was such an invaluable help.
Here I am again, Lookin’ all pro:

Now for a little snippet from my lesson {and my camera lens}:

Exhibit A:

I took this pic on the Aperture setting, and we were mostly playing around with the exposure.

hold on a tick:
If that aperture mumbo-jumbo means nothing to you, never fear: My advice? I say again!!: hire someone who knows what they are talking about, have them spend a couple hours with you. Problem solved.
I have read a ZILLION blog posts on all that stuff, and it has never helped my picture taking because I could not make the connections. I needed to DO it, with guidance.

so back to my picture. Isn’t it pretty with all the light pouring in? But it was too much light to allow for any definition in the chandelier, which was my goal.

So, to get definition in the chandelier, I had to lower my exposure a notch. And voila. Crystal clear.

Amy shared with me that she likes to keep her camera on Aperture setting. So. Now, I do to!! Look at this pretty lil’ picture I took!

won’t you stop by Amy’s photography blog and check out this sweet post she did. Love ya, miss Amy!

live with beauty!
- {darlene}

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  • allenaim photography and design

    Your photos turned out great Darlene!! Looking forward to hanging out with you again sometime soon!!!

  • can't wait to see the boys' room – love, love, love the planet mobile…please tell me more! xoxo michele

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