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Thursday, June 23, 2011 by {darlene}

Oh goodness. There is some serious eye candy coming up! serious eye candy.

{But just in case you missed my announcement, I can’t leave you out!
 my wait list will be temporarily reopening on this Friday, June 24th at 9:30 AM EST. At that time, I will be accepting an additional limited number of clients to my list.}

ok. now. are you ready for some gorgeousness? These amazing light fixtures would just MAKE a room. Most of them are not cheap, but beautiful lighting can be like a perfect, stunning necklace: If you put a glorious necklace with an inexpensive, simple black dress… suddenly, your black dress is a designer dress!

This piece is amazing. It would MAKE a room. But, it would also be fun to copy, for a cheaper version. How about adding some bobesches, too? {pieces,inc.}

Lovely. Strong in color, but light and dainty too. Has a beautiful presence. {shadesoflight}

I am IN LOVE with these. They would kick any room up a notch. So sophisticated! {pieces, inc.}

What about this one in a white, airy beach house? elegant!{tuvaluhome}

If you buy this piece, I am green with envy. Got it? I do accept generous donations. Just saying. {pieces,inc.}

Modern and timeless all at once. Such delicate beauty with attention getting details. {pieces,inc.}

Which one is your favorite?
- {darlene}

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