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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 by {darlene}

This may come as a surprise to you, but I am NOT a Do It Yourself-er.
I know.
I know.

This is shocking and heart-breaking news in the Design Blogosphere, but I must speak only the truth.

And the truth is, that while I can dream up every project in the book, I don’t really “Do It Myself” all that often. Only, when absolutely necessary. I don’t currently know where my glue gun is, and I don’t have a craft room. Or even, a craft closet. There is no bottle of Mod Podge in my home. Shocking!

I tell myself: I have other loves and priorities. I love being a wife and a mother, and all the joys and jobs that come with it. I homeschool. I love working with my clients. I have a fashion obsession. I have a burgeoning dream business that is so fun. I have church and bible study and girl time. I teach voice lessons. I have friends that I try to keep up with now that I am a momma. And I am a habitual makeup wearer and style junkie {and now, Pinterest junkie}. I have a first-year organic garden. I cook nightly family dinners. And, I have this here blog!

Still, I have furniture I want to paint!! Alas, each day comes and goes. And the truth is:
I CAN do it. I am actually pretty handy with a brush, but,
I guess I choose not to do it. DIY is just not my love, people.

I prefer to work with my gifts: decorating, taking beautiful things and putting them together, dreaming big, teaching others, thinking outside the box, staying with a vision….

and then hiring someone whenever I can.
The reality exists:  I am a normal gal, with a very normal budget, who has a HUGE to-do list {old house!}. And the truth is, I don’t get much of it done.
And this beloved house of mine, that we lovingly call Fieldstone Hill, is a handful. It would certainly be further along if I were a DIY gal. But each time in life has a season. There will be more time for that in the future.

So, I am here to boldly confess: I am not much of a Do-It-Yourselfer.

Right now, most of my moments are spent decorating hearts, and with hands-on Doing-It-Myself with these {very active!} brown eyed heartbreakers:
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  • The Simple Kitchen

    You're so funny! I just realized this about myself too and found it oddly liberating. I have to wait longer to save the money to either buy something ready-made or pay someone to do a project for me, but it saves the headache of re-doing projects because it just isn't my gift!

  • Annie Wilcox Designs

    I can do the basics, but their is only so much we can do. The beauty is the carrying out the plan, the passion and the end result. Oh and don't forget the process of someone else doing the heavy lifting. DIY means Dream It Yourself.

  • I love that Annie. I am gonna claim that one, girl!!!

  • angela | the painted house

    Well, Darlene, you just can't do it all!!! :) I'm the same way a bit. I'm a very selective DIYer. It has to be fairly easy and quick, cuz I'm impatient, for me to do something myself.

    Adorable video–your boys are like my daughter, wiggly! :) And, I did spot a pair of cute mommy shoes in the back ground, ha!

    We still love you despite your confession. (no modge podge in the house…have you no shame?) ;)

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