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Monday, July 18, 2011 by {darlene}

Happy Monday!

After featuring my dream kitchen last Friday, I couldn’t resist sharing another fabulous kitchen that is also filled with clean, peaceful lines. There is much to ditto from this beautiful space:

{martha stewart}

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. many shades of white let the texture shine through. This kitchen features so much white, but there is nothing plain about that! Many elements in this space boast a different texture that takes center stage, all dressed in white. The sleek, molded chairs; The shiny, polished plank floors; The rustic vertical board and batten on the walls; The chunky layers of subway tiles; The clean lines of white cabinetry: each of these elements dance with texture!
  2. open shelving. Oh, how I love thee.  Too much upper cabinetry can quickly weigh down a kitchen. Why not take all of your matching glasses {they don’t need to be fancy. Just “en masse.”}, and put them on display? You can enjoy looking at the useful and beautiful things that you love, even when you are not using them.
  3. a chef’s range. This is a range to take seriously. The gorgeous lines and gleaming stainless steel of this cooking machine do not overshadow the sturdy function, and the promise of great meals to come.
  4. shiny, mahogany countertops. Ship shape! These gorgeous, high-gloss counter tops are so pristine. And you know how I adore the contrast of high-gloss glamour and farmhouse simplicity! This kitchen has it!
  5. lighting with character and high-impact repetition. Just one of these pretty little beauties would not have nearly the impact that they have “en masse.” How beautiful they are, all four of them, working together. Functional, yet so stunning. Grouping light fixtures in repetition is a fantastic design trick.
  6. stainless steel table on casters. Now, how simple is that? So classic. So classy. So functional. So clean. And, don’t forget, sensible. Nothing wrong with sensible design.
  7. herbs that double as art. How pretty! And symmetrical too! I love the fresh greenery, sitting pretty and all in a row on this kitchen table. Is that rosemary? yum.
  8. high quality kitchen goods. A gorgeous, chrome teapot; a high-end toaster; a fine-design faucet: all of these “little” touches {each cost a good bit more!} are definitely worth their weight. Never underestimate how your tiny kitchen appliances can impact your kitchen design! If you have an ugly toaster…. hide it :)
The mix of high quality materials, metals, and clean lines make this modern, colonial kitchen a to-die-for space.
What would you ditto??
- {darlene}
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  • I love this kitchen too and it's in my inspiration files! Love everything about it! By the way, you are a very good writer… I always think that when I visit you, but now I'm saying it "out loud". :)

  • Beth @ Free Stylin'

    Hi Darlene! I'm visiting from Beneath My Heart. I loved your ditto post so much I had to run over and check out your other ditto posts. What awesome and useful information! And I love the way you break things down into doable/manageable pieces. I'm excited to read more; I'm your newest follower!

    P.S. I got to meet Traci in May, and you are so right…what an absolute angel!! Love her!


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