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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 by {darlene}

I hope that everyone who celebrated America’s Indepence Day had a safe and wonderful holiday! We were blessed to enjoy a week away at a small lake cabin that is in the family. The boys did lots and lots and lots of playing in the sun and water, and we returned feeling refreshed! What joy a week of laughing and enjoying one another can bring.

I could not resist doing a patriotic ditto. I have had this room in my collection of Pinterest boards, and unfortunately, I don’t know the original source {btw. I am SO loving Pinterest! Do you Pinterest? Come and join in on the fun… it is just the best way to collect and save your favorite visual eye-candy! You can follow my boards by clicking here and clicking “Follow” under my picture}.

There are so many fresh and fun ideas to ditto from this child’s room:

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. dress up what could be too cutesy by using sophisticated, mature, shirt patterns. I love how the walls are decked in a smart Glen plaid, which also happens to be Red, White, and Blue.  Also, the American flag is made up of red gingham and blue gingham. Even the stars on the floor have a polished edge by employing sheer repetition and classy simplicity.
  2. That flag! I actually think that you could make your own by using strips of muted, gingham, cotton fabric to create this look {a glue gun or stitching would work for assembly}, and then matting your flag and framing it in glass. The glass gives the flag a polished look, and further subdues the brightness of the colors. A lovely and strong statement for any patriotic space.
  3. classic children’s toys. I adore classic, wooden children’s toys. They have heirloom quality, to be enjoyed for generations of play. They are fun and inspire children to use their imaginations. And, let’s face it, they look lovely… even if they don’t make it back into the toy box. Perfect!
  4. a perfect place for creative play and masterpiece-creating. And why should it not match your color scheme? A great idea would be to find a used, inexpensive wooden set of children’s chairs and table, and paint them to match your room. These are simple and classy in basic colors, with no additional ornamentation.
  5. a sofa in a children’s room! how perfect! and why not?
  6. a fun burst of sun. The classy sunburst mirror adds a good dose of style and glam, but still remains fun and childlike in a glossy white lacquer.
  7. simple, monogrammed and matching bedding that maintains the color scheme, but does not overdue the patriotic scheme. The classic color border is a look that can grow with any child.
  8. a pale blue painted headboard. I love the idea of painting a headboard in a color that is just a tad off-beat, but adds life and joie-de-vivre to this child’s lovely space.
  9. a lot of glossy white to balance out the bold colors. The glossy keeps things sophisticated, and the white keeps things from getting to “primary kid color-ish.”
What would you ditto from this space?
- {darlene}

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  • All of it, except the white bedspread. I love, love, love that carpet. Wish I could find an inexpensive rug like that – what do you think the drapes look like? xoxo michele

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