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Monday, July 11, 2011 by {darlene}

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a delightful summer weekend. Why not kick off our week with a gorgeous boudoir {sounds even lovelier than a gorgeous bedroom!}?
This week’s ditto post features a bedroom that I adore that was fashioned by designer Liz Caan. This room is truly right up my ally, and it embodies so much of what I think to be a perfect blend of simplicity and glamour. {You can also find this picture on my ‘Inspiration Bedrooms’ board on Pinterest}:
ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:
  1. crisp blue and orange accents. This is not about matching. This room is all about harmony. I just love these colors together. They are confident, cheerful, and soothing all at the same time. Notice how the classic hunting dog picture subtly ties the room’s colors together.
  2. a touch of peacock. Oh, that pillow is fantastic. The fabric shown here is Thomas Paul 2 for Duralee, but why not add a sole peacock feather to a lovely vase? The colors of the peacock are nothing short of stunning glamour.
  3. crisp white bedding. To me, nothing tempts a fresh, great night of sleep more than white bed linens. I just adore white sheets, freshly washed. Is there anyone who doesn’t? This bed takes it a step further by using white shams and a white duvet that are simply trimmed and monogrammed in orange. This bed makes me smile… and it makes me happily sleepy.
  4. hunt country inspiration. I don’t think that I have ever shared on this blog that I was born and raised in horse and hunt country. So, I am a sucker for anything that recalls the hunt. And this gorgeous painting of a hunting dog is no exception. I love how he adds a regal sophistication to this bedroom.
  5. a sitting nook in the bedroom. Simply a must-have. Every bedroom should have a spot, no matter how tiny, that has good seating, good lighting, and a place to set your cup.
  6. silhouettes print art. I love silhouettes. I think they are so classy. I like these in particular. They take on a modern flare in their larger than life size, and are given the perfect outline with a crisp black frame.
  7. mirrored side tables. totally glam and wonderful and hollywood.
  8. sconces and bedside lights, hung together. I have never implemented this in any of my designs, but I love the notion of having double lighting surrounding the bed. Perfect for reading in bed, or breakfast in bed. And a perfect idea to ditto!
  9. drapes. I am sure you have figured out how much I love drapes. I think they are like a ribbon on a gift. And these drapes are stunning in a thick, classic cream, and boldly bordered in chocolate. I love this contrast between the classic and the bold!
  10. a fur throw. every bed needs one, right?
  11. glam plus tradition. I love how successfully the glam {fur and mirrors and peacocks and orange and bold borders} is mixed with the traditional {hunting dogs and classic bedside lamps and monograms and silhouettes and white and cream} in this space.
Truly a beautiful space. Have you ever thought to mix traditional and glam? You should!
So, what would you ditto?
- {darlene}

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  • My eye was immediately drawn to those over sized silhouettes. Love them!

  • The painting! Want one just like it of our dog. And are those swing lamps on either side of the bed. Want those, too! xoxo michele

    Did you see that post on how to make easy silhouettes? Take close up side profile photos of the kids, print 8×10's – cut out (the more detail the better), turn over and spray paint black – frame – done! They come out gorgeous!

  • Totally forgot to leave my comment about Unaccustomed Earth – yes, it is one of my favorite books. xoxo Michele

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