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Friday, July 15, 2011 by {darlene}

So… I don’t have any pictures of my current kitchen on this blog.
I refuse to complain about a functional and working, fine kitchen. But, I will just say that I did not design a single thing about it… and the walls are currently comprised of peeled wallpaper remnants and plaster.

but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming. And I know exactly what my dream kitchen looks like.

first, let me wax poetic:
I have come to the conclusion that my decoration style functions within the context of a juxtaposition. I am a country girl, no doubt, … yet I sing opera, like things “fancy” and “fussy,” and I know my way around the Big Apple. I love horse-country fireplaces and fieldstone… but I am a sucker for glossy lacquer and anything that sparkles.
I even say about myself: “…torn between farmhouse simplicity and high-gloss glamour.” Hence, juxtaposition.

I am not so torn, however, when it comes to my kitchen.
In the kitchen, farmhouse simplicity wins hands down.

This pretty picture has been in my files since 2006 {country home}. Just one year after we moved into Fieldstone Hill. This farmhouse begs for this kitchen, indeed:

I love so much about it:

1. The perfectly soothing colors
2. The open shelving with minimalist, “en masse,” collections.
3. Those marble countertops with squared off edges: One should roll their homemade pie-crusts on counters like those.
4. Windows free of adornment, preferably gazing out to the garden.
5. An old stool, brought back to life with soft leather.
6. Glass cloches, on hand – of course.
7. The perfect green-greige on the cabinets.
8. Mixing bowls on hand.

I have been in love with this room since I saw it in 2006… and I love it no less today. Now that is staying-power in design.
Not to mention: true love.

tell me, for your kitchen, what wins: farmhouse simplicity or high-gloss glamour?
- {darlene}

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  • I am in the same boat. Many would love my new, functional (oak-yuck) kitchen. But I am not in love. Perhaps one day, I will be able to put my own stamp on it. I love the inspiration kitchen you showed!

  • Simplicity wins every time, at least in this house. Love your inspiration, and the fact that you share so sweetly! xoxo michele

  • Beautiful, soothing space

  • Farmhouse simplicity. I especially love when there is a worn-in feel that makes it more comforting.

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