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Friday, July 29, 2011 by {darlene}

I adore the gorgeous, gilded glamour of the peacock.

Enjoy this collection of beautiful rooms from one of my latest Pinterest folder collections: “my thing for peacock.” I also share some details that I love:

 rich textured walls. black painted furnishings. blue chair and aqua accents from the peacock spectrum. luxe drapes. gilded light fixture. golden leather stools.

pale peacock tones. golden mirror and headboards. royal finery. textured wallpaper. aqua benches.

 pure richness! deep dark walls. dark lampshades. peacock blue sofa. gilded and gorgeous bookshelves.

glamourous peacock blue on simple, historic woodwork. {have I mentioned that I am torn between farmhouse simplicity and high-gloss glamour?}

brilliantly pigmented peacock blue walls, contrasted by bright golden yellow books and accents. gold and black Federal mirror.

 gilded peacocks painted on a rich turquoise backdrop. a gilded honeycomb ceiling.

 no blue to speak of, but peacock nonetheless. gilded everywhere. peacock patterned wallpaper. and that chandelier is as flashy as a peacock, and just as stunning.

plumes on a dress form, atop a gilded trunk. create a brilliant display against a pale aqua wall. gilded mirrors. rich aging leather.

Doesn’t it make you want to bring a touch of peacock into your home?
Click here for more peacock inspiration.
- {darlene}

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  • I think I re-pinned every photo in this post. Gilded peacocks painted on a rich turquoise backdrop? Gilded honeycomb ceiling? This is just too much beauty for one person, they need to share with me. ;)

    Just saw your boards over at Edie's – complete bliss. You are a genius, Darlene!

    xoxo michele

  • The Gilded Peacocks are by Whistler and can be seen in the Freer Gallery in Washington, DC. I would love to see them. Very stunning.

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