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Friday, July 1, 2011 by {darlene}

I am thoroughly enjoying the process of scanning and documenting my hard-copies of decorating inspiration files. It has amazed me that the things that I truly loved, many years ago, are still beautiful to me today. So much for fad decorating. Beauty is enduring.
Below are three scanned photo from my hard-copy file collection. These are taken from a variety of magazines, so I am not sure of the sources, but they are all dreamy, yet simple, outdoor-scapes that I have saved along the years.
Each one of these scenes is nothing more than a glimpse of that which is free: gorgeous nature; as well as an unobtrusive, classic way for a person to enjoy that nature.

This picture makes me dream! A plush and glossy evergreen hedge adds classical shape and form to your garden. But it takes it a step further to create an actually gateway, carved from the hedgerow. Wouldn’t you just love to walk through to enjoy what is just on the other side?

This picture delights me. A gorgeous, firm and steady tree is a great joy. But add a classic wood and rope swing, and it becomes a place that fosters laughter and memories.

And this picture has always ‘spoken’ to me. I love the form and sound of a beautiful weeping willow tree, and the thought of wrapping a custom made bench around the base of one, just for simple pleasure, seems so dreamy and perfect to me. What a place to come and Be Still… and listen.
Start dreaming!
Are there any places on your property where you could add a touch like this? And if you don’t have “property” per se, still ponder where can you tie your rope swing…
If you don’t have your own willow, is there a beautiful potted tree that deserves a curved bench just beside?
- {darlene}

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  • Brian and Staci

    Oh Darlene!!!! LOVE this post!!!! Oh yea…it's Staci Amy…I had emailed you about Edie's chairs a couple of weeks ago :) We have 30 acres…ALL of which we DREEEAM of making special little places on!!!! The hedge, above…we are trying to achieve that look….but it will take a lonnnng time :( They just finished up on the wall….it is 8 FEET tall! Massive!!! So now, we have to stucco over it and then get the vine growing! Soooo exciting!!! Happy 4th of July Weekending !!!!!!

  • Brian and Staci

    and I soooo wish I was smart enough to be able to get these pics onto Pinterest!!!!

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