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Thursday, August 11, 2011 by {darlene}

Fuchsia has been a long time favorite color of mine.
I love that it is the perfect blend of Pink and Orange, with a little swirl of Blue. I love that it is filled with Life and is nothing short of Daring!

And fuchsia is not a clear cut color, which I also love.
There seem to be some debates over whether or not a color is fuchsia or magenta, and what defines the difference.
{my two cents? I think it has to have a strong hint of orange, whereas magenta has a strong hint of purple}.

And “fuchsia” is certainly not easy to spell!
Fushcia? Fuschia? no, it’s Fuchsia.
{I had to google it. And in my search I read that the actual flower is named after Leonhart Fuchs, and by adding “ia” to Fuchs the name is latinized, hence it becomes botanical. That helps me remember it.}

Anyway, feast your eyes on this amazing color, and be inspired to bring this color into your home.
Tomorrow, I will bathe you in gorgeous interiors that dare to use this color, and we will chit-chat about different ways you can incorporate fuchsia into your space
{thank goodness for spell check. I nearly did it again!}.


Are you ready to add some daring beauty to your home?

See you tomorrow for a ‘lessons in design’ post, all about adding fuchsia!
- {darlene}

All pics were taken from my Pinterest board: My thing for Fuchsia.
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