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Monday, August 22, 2011 by {darlene}
Happy {ditto} Monday!
After spending a week of doing this:
…I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of this:
I am so glad that the colors of school don’t have to be all primary and hot-wired. …And that the blank slate of a blackboard seems limitless and free.
So, in the spirit of a relaxing school day that feels like a day at the beach:
I take my clues from the old-school blackboard and dream of spaces that are grayscale and peaceful.
This room {via apartment therapy} definitely fits the bill.
ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:
  1. a room that breathes. Air can move freely through this space without being blocked. Even with large, comfortable upholstered furnishings, the flow in uninhibited due to their delicate legs. All of the tables breathe, with tall, thin legs and topped in glass. The lamps are waif-like or transparent so that natural light can pass by. Even all of the tree art seems to offer more oxygen to this flowing space. 
  2. a same-subject grouping of pictures. By sticking to the subject of pencil-drawn trees, but offering a variation of scale, there is both interest and calm.
  3. repetition, repetition, repetition. The art. The gilded frames. The colors. The pillows. The books. The bold blocks of cream and white. This room utilizes the tools of repetition. I find the concept of using objects “en masse” to be a powerful and dramatic tool in decorating. At the same time, a group of many objects is easy on the eyes. This is a tool I use a lot, and find it to bring a lot of peace into any room, and drama at the same time! Simplicity and drama, together? That is right up my alley.
  4. art that plays with scale. Big trees. Little Trees. {what begins with “T”?} Big Frames. Little Frames. They are alike, yet different. This is a fantastic way to keep a collection interesting, as well as making it easy on the eyes. Plus, with art, using differing sizes offers fantastic flexibility regarding wall placement.
  5. grayscale color scheme. I love this color scheme. Creams, whites, light grays, charcoals, almost-blacks. This scheme creates such a peaceful effect. Kinda like the blank slate of a fresh black board.
  6. a well organized bookshelf. I love how stately this X-braced shelf is. Perfectly tucked, so as not to inhibit the flow of air.
  7. living art: roses and coral. These both add life and breath to this space.
  8. minimizing objects beyond that which are useful, or are being used. When there is no clutter, and nothing is wasted {i.e. everything in your room is useful}, there is much peace in that. I am once again inspired to remove the clutter, but also, to not be afraid to scatter around the things that do bring me joy. 
What do you think of a grayscale room?
What would you ditto?
- {darlene}

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  • Simply love, soothing. I am itching to add a tad more color, not too much though!

    Art by Karena

  • That is a gorgeous room. I love the paint color, the art, and the feeling that the room is practical for real living, too.

  • I do love the color gradations in this room and the open feel to it. I would stick with the coffee table only. The matchy side tables are a bit too much for me. Love the artwork idea.

  • Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

    This room is so calming and I love how you break it down via your ditto series! I am really enjoying your blog now that I found it!


  • Logan @LifeforDessert

    Darlene, I Love this room…oh how I wish my bedroom felt that way! I could be on my way to that faster if I'd pick up the camo suitcase that's sitting in the corner of the room right now! HA! Love your gorgeous blog, your fashionable mind, and amaing room redesigns! I cannot wait to meet you at Relevant this year! And oh yes ma'm…I'm now a follower of you too!

  • That is a gorgeous room. I like your ideas!

    Hope the school week has been a fun one for everyone.

    Best wishes,

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