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Monday, August 15, 2011 by {darlene}
Before I dive into a {ditto}, I just wanted to check and see if you have gotten your Haven tickets?
If so, I am excited to see you there!
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Haven Conference 2012

I am loving this next space, which was designed by Scott Currie for his South Hampton residence.
There are so many fantastic design elements present in this next space, I hardly know where to begin!

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. chinoiserie chairs with bold color. You all know how I feel about chinoiserie chairs. But, in bright, no-holds-barred yellow? This is simply fantastic. And, I think the reason why the yellow works so amazingly well is that it is a bold, punch-color, touch of drama in an otherwise soothing space. Contrasts! They do it for me every time.
  2. luggage trunk. I love luggage trunks in general. Add a sleek black finish, gold hardware and metal accents, and nailhead trim? GORGEOUS! I am thinking that a skilled D.I.Y.-er could make this dream come true.
  3. soothing mango tones. the floors, the window treatment, the gold touches, and the sherbet colored couch {LOVE!} all create a general warmth that is filled with yummy-ness.
  4. texture-contrast galore. The smooth, black, lacquer furnishings contrast with the chunky, natural, fiber rug. The rich, warm velvet couch balances against the bright and slick yellow chairs. The soothing, cool, smooth walls and trim contrast with the textured, bamboo, blinds and the natural, sea-treasures of coral and shell collections. This continual contrast is what gives the room such depth!
  5. built-ins for books. I love built-ins…they make my heart race with delight. I think they are always appropriate. There is no better way to make excellent use out of every square inch of your home. To see my files of built-in inspiration, click here.
  6. soothing gray-green-blue trim. This color evokes a calm over the entire space. I love it! And I love how it works with the gorgeous contrast of warm tones all over the room. And I love how the trim is about 5 shades deeper than the walls.
  7. dorothy draper espana dresser. How I love this piece! Can’t afford it either?? Then you will love this stunning knock-off tutorial, over at Marcus Design.
All in all, this is a room that makes me want to curl up with a book and be inspired.
It is quiet without being boring.
It is soft and peaceful, with a bold splash of yellow.
It is a fine study in contrasts.
It is fine design.
What would you ditto from this space? Oh, do tell!!
- {darlene}
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  • You know me, Dar – I want the books and the built-in shelves. The hardwood floors, the aquarium that looks divine without fish, and I am loving the portrait above the couch. I wouldn't steal the egg balancing on the candlestick – too much temptation for my boys – you know how that is going to go. ;)

    xoxo michele

  • Darlene, thank you so so much for the link love!! I adore the room you have posted about here, there is something so appealing about it :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs,
    Nancy xo

  • I'm going to Haven! Can't wait to meet you!

    And I would love to steal from this photo, beautiful room!

  • Love the textures and trunk!

  • At last! Sooenme with real expertise gives us the answer. Thanks!

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