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Monday, August 8, 2011 by {darlene}

Happy Monday!!
thank goodness for dittos, or Mondays would be so tough!

How fun it has been to hear from my readers and my clients regarding how my ditto posts have been helping them in their own decorating! That is the joy of breaking down the elements of good design… suddenly, it does not seem so unapproachable. I hope that these ditto posts have the same benefit for you.

Now. Most of you know that I often hang between the balance of farmhouse simplicity and high-gloss glamour. It is right where I like to hang!
Well, the space for our ditto today is, most definitely, sitting more toward the glamour end of things.

Check out this amazing space for posh lounging, by Frank Roop. I have loved this space for a while now, and have the hard copy pic ripped out of an old 2007 Elle Decor. It is certainly ditto worthy!

ditto :: {what I would steal from this space}:

  1. silk velvet. There is velvet. And then, there is silk velvet. Oh, yes. Did you know that most velvet is polyester velvet? If you ever see a velvet that has a sheen that is to-die-for, and is soft as, well, silk… chance are, it is silk velvet. {btw. cotton velvet is lovely too. less sheen}
  2. jewel tones. Nothing says rich and glam royalty quite like jewel tones. The pillows in this space are richly pigmented sapphires, emeralds and peridot. On a platinum velvet backdrop. Royal!
  3. symmetrical, mirror-image furniture. The lounge chaises are fantastic pieces of furniture: They are bold, with a grand presence. But my favorite, most ditto-worthy aspect of these furnishings is that they complement one another in their mirror-image reflection of each other. The reverse arms on each chaise bring a grounding symmetry to this grand space.
  4. off center art. And what keeps you guessing when you have such stunning symmetry better than the beautiful touch of the unexpected and off-balanced? Notice how the art is not centered over the mantle, but is still balanced by two small pieces of sculpture art.
  5. brass shelving. I am loving open, brass shelving these days. So glamorous. must have!
  6. stools. These stools are stunning! There is that silk velvet again! I am such a fan of stools, benches and ottomans because of their versatility: they are easy to move, easy to see over {promoting good flow}, and flexible for any kind of furniture arrangement.
  7. soaring architecture. Although I cannot truly ditto or replicate the architecture in this space, I had to mention how ditto-worthy it is! Maybe you are one of the rare few who can actually ditto this amazing scope of architectural presence. But, if you are not, don’t miss that crown molding! It has such fantastic detail, and could raise the bar on nearly any architecturally dull space.
  8. birch wood in the fireplace. Why have brown wood, when you can have birch wood? Just saying.
  9. white ceramic accents. You know how I love “en masse” accessorizing. There is power and presence in numbers!
  10. stone. stone. stone. Marble fireplace surround. A huge chunk of granite for a coffee table. And is that Alabaster on the walls? Stunning!
  11. heaven-to earth curtains. wow. those curtains take my breath away. I love how they are grounded with a thick band of chocolate brown fabric.
What do you think of this high-gloss glamour space? What would you ditto from this room?
- {darlene}
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