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Friday, August 26, 2011 by {darlene}

I have been thinking a lot about contrasts lately, and how using them wisely and creatively can add such amazing beauty to a space.
my little obsession?:

  1. I posted a lesson in using contrasts in design, as part of my new “Lessons in Design” post collection.
  2. I have been gathering up a slew of Pinterest pics on my newest board: “my thing for contrasts.”
  3. And I have been keeping my eyes peeled for exquisite examples of contrast in Creation. {you should try this. you will be amazed at how many contrasts you find that create natural beauty!}

In collecting pictures, I have been just loving some of the spaces I have found that employ the color contrasts of blue and orange. Take this gorgeous space for example:

{also noteworthy are the contrasts of light and dark in this space as well}

This is not the first time I have posted about my love for this combination {see post here}. My grandma loved the combo of coral and navy, and she was sure to tell me that this color combination was both timeless and sophisticated. Yes, grandma!

If you take a look-sy at the color wheel below, you can draw a line straight across from the orange to the blue. For color-wheel newbies, that means that these colors are “complementary” or opposite. Complementary colors will provide you with the most contrast.

translation for us and our homes?? Complementary colors will provide you with the most drama.
{and I love drama.}
So, feast in the dramatic contrast of blue and orange. Maybe this gorgeous color combo is for you!:

{…pumpkin velvet makes my heart sing. just sayin’}

{…does this pic make you as happy as it makes me?}

{…symmetrical and color harmony!}

You can find the sources for all of these photos via my files at my Pinterest board, “my thing for contrasts.
Are you ready to use some contrasts in your home?
Is blue and orange for you?
Have you used this amazing color combination?
- {darlene}

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