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Friday, August 5, 2011 by {darlene}

If you are new to Fieldstone Hill, you might not know that I am a happy {crazy} homeschooling mom.

And while it is certainly NOT going to be ready in time for the start of school this year, I am working on our school room.
It matters not if you home school, or even if you have kids! It is so dreamy to have a place where learning, playing, and creating can be fostered.
Here are a few pictures “from my files,” of my current home-school room inspiration. I have been surprised that I seem to be drawn to peaceful, a-typically soothing school spaces.
Maybe it is all the insanity that already exists in our school day…..
primary colors might just throw me over the edge.


  1. those fantastic lights in a set of three
  2. built-ins!
  3. with baskets!
  4. that fantastic and creative and well-worn picnic table


  1. map!!
  2. built-in lounge bench
  3. pull out drawers
  4. room on the floor to spread out


  1. a full chalkboard wall
  2. seating for 6
  3. the lack of clutter
  4. a hearty table


  1. excellent lighting
  2. baskets!
  3. built-ins
  4. plenty of storage
  5. the natural textures


  1. the map fades away into a soft blue wall
  2. the portrait lamp above the map
  3. baskets!
  4. accessible paper and art materials, but not clutter.

  1. that this does not look like a kid’s space
  2. plenty of books to read, and a place to read them
  3. the library ladder
  4. built-in bookshelves

I am feeling so inspired by these spaces to create a room that fosters learning, yet also encourages beauty and room for a deep breath.

For more fantastic school and play room inspiration, head over to my Pinterest board: Inspiration School and Play Rooms.

Do you have a space for creativity and learning in your home?
- {darlene}
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  • I've been loving that map in photo #5 for about two years now. It cost around $150 from IKEA and looks fabulously dramatic on a dark chocolate brown wall.

  • Thanks for this post! My oldest is only 4 but we plan to homeschool. We have yet to convert our unfinished basement into a classroom (among other things). Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Darcy from The I.Design Box

    I have a thing for maps. Great inspiration! Yes, we do have a room dedicated to projects and creating. It's our "project room" that sadly is still a project. Right now it is a dumping ground for books and my fiance's junk-a-dunk. How on earth do I wrangle in his clutter? This is the challenge for this room. Maybe I'll get around to finishing that space this winter…

  • hi! i know this is a little late, but i LOVE that big apple poster in the first pic. do you have any idea where it is from? thanks!

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