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Friday, August 12, 2011 by {darlene}

Yesterday, I shared some gorgeous pictures featuring my love affair with the color Fuchsia. To read that post {and drool}, click here.

Today, I want to share some different ways that you can successfully bring fuchsia into your home, even if you would not normally dare…

Fuchsia would make for a fantastic punch color {if you are itching to know what a punch color is, and how to use it, I hope you will check out this post and this post.}.

Let’s take a look at some gorgeous rooms that use the Daring and Beautiful Fuchsia, and discover some tips on how to integrate it:

This is the most glamorous of my examples. Just the pink, velvet headboard alone is over-the-top Hollywood glam.
design tip:
I love how there are only two bits of fuchsia: The stunning bench and a splash of fuchsia in the art… and that is all of this bold color that is needed in this luxe and bold space.

Restraint and pure white are challenged by a splash of strong fuchsia.
design tip:
Try using one piece with a solid, daring presence in a room that is otherwise calm and peaceful. It is like a jolt of life and energy.

design tip:
Try adding fuchsia flowers throughout your home. Pick the brightest, boldest blooms you can find. You will add instant drama and glamour. The gilded backdrop doesn’t hurt either!

Fuchsia and orange are a stunning combination. Both are bold and bright, and fill a room with energy.
design tip:
With orange, a little touch of fuchsia is all that is needed. This is a perfect way  for the fuchsia-shy decorator to work up to this shade of hot pink.

design tip:
Here is a fine example of just a touch of fuchsia. A gorgeous throw, orchids on the mantle, stripes in a pillow, and a decorative box on the coffee table are just enough fuchsia love in this balanced room.

And for a realistic, not-too-expensive touch of gorgeousness, 
design tip:
Why not upholster two beautifully formed chairs in fuchsia, and have them flank a classic piece of mahogany furniture?
That is exactly what I am thinking of doing here, and it was first inspired here.

Then again… why hold back? For those who like to put the petal to the metal, here is fuchsia-to-the-max:

 {for those who can upholster freely, and to their latest whim}

 {for those who don’t drink coffee, but could use some perking up}

{for those with serious guts, who can also afford to hire a painter if needed}

Which of these pictures best represent how you would integrate this fantastic color into your home?
- {darlene}

All pics were taken from my Pinterest board: My thing for Fuchsia.
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