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Thursday, August 25, 2011 by {darlene}

I believe in the power of contrasts.

I think that, if carefully and thoughtfully executed, the use of contrasts add depth and creative beauty to a space. Contrasts have the power to create that intangible element in a room that causes you to say, “There is just something about that space that makes it stunning.”

I suppose that is why I am always going on about the yin and the yang of farmhouse simplicity and high-gloss glamour:
I love the purity and breath of a simple, classic, farmhouse space.
I also love the breathtaking, show-stopping drama of a glamorous space.

…but combine the two concepts successfully, and you have a space that defies explanation. You have a raw beauty built on the power of contrasts.

The power of contrasts, a lesson in design from interior designer @fieldstonehill

To get started on the concept of contrasts, and learning how to bring this concept into your own home, lets take a look at two beautiful spaces and note how contrasts are being used in those spaces:

{sara gilbane interiors}

some of the contrasts present:

  1. highs vs. lows {ex. tall lines of the ceiling height and curtains vs. low back furnishings}
  2. bold vs. soft {ex. bold blue sofa vs. soft blue rug and loveseat; bold coral throw vs. soft coral lamp}
  3. horizontal vs. vertical {ex. vertical long curtains vs. horizontal wall stripes}
  4. soft vs. hard {ex. the velvets vs. metal and glass coffee table}
  5. round vs. square {ex. the round coffee table and round discs in the art vs. the squared lines of the furnishings}

{via apartment therapy}

some of the contrasts present:

  1. yellow vs. blue {ex. walls vs. the chairs. Yellow and Blue are opposites on the color wheel, so are contrasts unto themselves!}
  2. pattern vs. plain {ex. rug and walls vs. furnishings and curtains}
  3. texture vs. smooth {ex. the textured pillows, sheep, and flowers vs. the smooth upholstery, glossy art and curtains}
  4. bold vs. soft {ex. the bold turquoise chairs vs. the soft grays}

For one more example, you can hop over to a recent ditto post that I did, on the stunning space below. You can read it by clicking here. It breaks down all of the contrasts that are found in this gorgeous space, and why they are successful in this room.

There are so many more ways that you can create contrasts in your home.
I hope that these spaces and thoughts get you started on dreaming up ways you can add the power of contrasts into your own home.
- {darlene}
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