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Wednesday, August 24, 2011 by {darlene}

It’s Wednesday, so it must be “A room I love” time….just a simple hello, from me to you, featuring a Room that I Love, and a quick list of why I love it.
{It wouldn’t be Fieldstone Hill if I didn’t tell you how to start “dittoing” this space!}

When I first saw this space, it was love at first sight. I love teeny spaces. I love cozy offices. I love when a room defies its limits. And I just about flip over well-done built-ins. And this office is the dream of all dream-nooks.
{design by Scout for the Home}

What I love:

  1. how tiny this room is! I love the coziness of small spaces, but especially when it comes to creative spaces.
  2. greige-green! I am such a sucker for these tones.
  3. a large “L” shaped work surface
  4. beautiful art in a beautiful office; tucked everywhere.
  5. a window to a window. This makes me think that this space was once a closet. What a great way to bring light into a space that would otherwise have none. Light is essential for creative work!
  6. the creative, symmetrical, and lovely nooks…. in stead of a run-of-the-mill bookshelf.
  7. the fantastic light fixture that adds texture to the space.
  8. drawers. drawers. drawers. These particular drawers are gorgeous, but I also love the concept of using drawers instead of cabinets. Every square inch of storage is more reachable this way.
  9. lovely drawer pulls. This little detail matters; and even more so in a snug space.
I really, really love this room.
Do you love it??
- {darlene}

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  • I LOVE the green color with the CORAL accents! Just a few of them really make this little space pop! Great post…you must have been reading my mind as I have all these built in's that I need to do something with :)

  • What size do you think that room is? I have a room that started as 9x9ish, we borrowed a corner of it to create a 1/2 bath for the house, it was a work worm off the garage in the older home we bought. But it is in the square footage, so it has heat & air. I often thought of making it an office but wondered if there was enough space. Any way just curious your thoughts on the size.

    I do love the idea & it was so well done. Love the pops of coral (one of my favorites).

  • Darlene I love it too. Beautiful!

  • amaranthineaesthetic

    Looks like an inspiring place to work to me :) It's great that even though it's a small space, the opening makes it feel connected to the rest of the house, and not like you're in a closet. The palette is soothing, and I love that there's still room for a dog bed on the floor! (We have our own little furry buddy who doesn't like to be left out of any room!) Great find!!

  • Barbara Jordan Dettweiler

    What a cool bookshelf! I love that design…so much more interesting than the typical shelving…so many possibilities…

  • Hello Darlene,

    A big DITTO to all you pointed out!

    Janet xox

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