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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 by {darlene}

It’s Wednesday, so it must be “A room I love” time….just a simple hello, from me to you, featuring a Room that I Love. 

Nothing says classic like Phoebe Howard. She has such a gift for balance and scale and symmetry, as well as gentle beauty.
I truly admire Phoebe’s work. And of course, I have ditto-ed her beautiful work {check out this ditto post about a stunning dining room of her design, and this ditto post about a timeless foyer of her design}.

So once again, you are catching me, loving another space by Phoebe Howard. This space is uber-traditional. I don’t tend to be drawn to spaces that I would define as “very traditional,” and despite that, I am still drawn to it:

What I love:

  1. the amazing textured and creamy wallpaper
  2. the dramatic, layered drapes that match the walls… like icing on a cake.
  3. masterful and timeless symmetry.
  4. perfectly balanced furnishings, in presence and height.
  5. The light colors keep the heavy upholstery presence from becoming, well, too heavy.
  6. the soothing colors of cream, blue, and green that work beautifully with the riverfront view
  7. the riverfront view!!
  8. those awesome brass shelves beside the fireplace.
  9. lots and lots of {comfy} places to sit!
  10. tufts. tufts. everywhere.
Do you love it??
- {darlene}

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