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Monday, September 26, 2011 by {darlene}

When it comes to dining rooms, I can easily sway back and forth between my design passions for farmhouse simplicity and high-gloss glamour. Usually, the glam wins out in dining rooms; They are the perfect kind of space for mirrors and metals and lush color.

But this week’s ‘ditto’ space caught my eye, and got me dreaming about a simple dining room… One that has the pared-down basics of a farmhouse eating space, but with a subtle twist or two.

The view of this room grants us merely a glimpse, but I can see so much that I would love to ditto even with just a corner’s view. {photo is of The Concord Green Home dining room}.

Be sure to weigh in on what you would ditto.


  1. orange windsor chairs. These chairs have such a traditional form, but it is thrown for a loop with a vibrant splash of orange paint. And, oh, it works so WELL! I really love what these bright chairs do for this otherwise mellow space. I would definitely ditto this!
  2. a tall, solid piece, flanked by chairs. This is a design form that I adore: I love how the orange chairs symmetrically flank the white armoire. You can see other great examples of this design form in this post, and in this post.
  3. The beloved joy of contrast. In the chairs and armoire combination alone, you can see several examples of contrast: the contrast of  height {tall armoire vs. shorter, matching chairs} and the contrast of form {bold, thick armoire vs. spindly and airy chairs}, and the contrast of color {pale and shabby white vs. solid and glossy orange}. I also love the contrast of the white walls and ceiling with the deep dark chairs at the head of the table.
  4. stunning barn pocket doors! This is an amazing room feature. First of all, they are painted a gorgeous, pale blue. Secondly, they have windows, so you have privacy from sounds, but you can still allow light to pass through. And lastly, did I mention that these barn doors are pocket doors? Just a fantastic idea that is so worthy of a ditto!
  5. a suspended candle lantern. Don’t have the hardwiring for a chandelier? I love this way of still getting the same effect. Notice how this candle chandelier is simply suspended from a rope, and hung on a wrought iron rod. What a great idea. An innovative, affordable, and do-able solution to anyone with a chandy challenge.
  6. chartreuse, ceiling-to-floor drapes. I love drapes. This is no secret. But if you have ever thought that drapes are not worth it… just try to imagine this room without them. Stunning, simple drama: That is what these gorgeous drapes do for this room.
  7. bare wood floors. I love the look of dining room rugs, even though they do not seem to be the most practical choice. But this room begs an argument for no rug at all. Bare is gorgeous.
  8. transom windows. If you ever have the opportunity to build or add-on, I recommend the amazing architectural element of transom windows. They make your room stately, and add an extra splash of light, which is worth its weight in gold. In our home, we have a transom in our bathroom that connects to a formerly window-less hallway, and it makes all the difference. {to see our bathroom, click here and scroll down toward the bottom of the page}



Thank you so much, you sweet things, for your comments on my latest design board. And also for those at last week’s ditto post: so many of you shared your thoughts, and I just loved hearing what you had to say. I can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeves this week!

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  • I love so many things about this simple room, but the orange chairs(anything orange for that matter) really do it for me! Love your orange and brown post too!
    Take care,

  • the wall color (light and airy), the long drapes, that painting, the doors…oh my the doors! even though there aren’t any “glamorous” elements, it still is…kind of simple glam. I love it.

  • I love the windows and barn doors. The orange chairs added would be delightful. So glad I found your blog and Thanks for stopping by ours.

  • I love the barn pocket doors. They are just gorgeous! But I think my favorite thing about this room is the simple look – it’s not overdone and looks very comfortable. I could see my whole family coming here for Thanksgiving and having a great time.

  • I love the orange chairs of course and the simplicity. It’s great to see orange used in a way that doesn’t just scream ‘decorating for fall’. This room has a year round feel with lots of light.

  • I love this room, but instead of focusing on the pretty, I am thinking on a more basic level. My house is a ’74 ranch with no character and so decorating it in it’s natural state kinda feels like putting silk ribbons on a muddy pig – first things first, give the pig a bath, or in my case, add some architectural elements! I love the wide baseboards, the thick moldings around the windows, the beams on the ceilings and the beautiful floor. I would put all of them in my house. I’m loving the symmetry of the chairs flanking the tall cabinet and the orange chairs. I might be borrowing those too! And while I’m definitely a “color” girl, the white everything is growing on me…

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