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Monday, September 12, 2011 by {darlene}

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. It was a special, and patriotic one for my family. Thank you for allowing me to share my heart yesterday, even if I do mostly show you my “decorating” face.

Time for another ditto post! To those of you who are new here at Fieldstone Hill, I hope you enjoy getting to know my series of dittos.

I have had many clients and friends tell me that it is so easy for them to find a photo of something that they love, but when it comes to making their spaces have a similar look and feel, they are at a loss. That is the goal of dittos! To break down a gorgeous design so that the details become tangible…and do-able.

This week’s ditto post features a room that I saw in Rue Magazine, issue 3. What would you {steal} from this space?


  1. a snug sofa. One of my favorite things about this room is that the sofa fits perfectly between both walls of the room, and sits in there snugly. Now how cozy is that? I would LOVE to have a room in my home where one end of a room is filled with a sectional sofa. Imagine. At the end of this space, there is no where to go but snuggle-ville!
  2. tuck away additional seating. Just in case there is not enough room on that fantastic sofa, every square inch is made practical when you tuck an ottoman beneath the coffee table. And why not in a punch of tomato red?? Have an extra guest? Just pull out that cute, little ottoman under the table, please!
  3. sheepskin blanket. I am used to seeing this as a rug. But I adore it strewn across the end of this sectional. The fuzziness just oozes glamour, but comfort.
  4. gorgeous sconces behind the sofa. Sconces are always appropriate! But I love their delicate touch behind this strong sofa and the graphic art display.
  5. lighthearted display items. Wide-legged, white giraffe? love. Gold heart paper weights? lovely! A deck of cards? Ready for fun.
  6. pillows that don’t exactly match. I love how these pillows don’t match, but work together beautifully with color and size harmony. That furry one is my fave.
  7. suzani. Or maybe the suzani pillow is my fave? Are you into suzani? I really need to do a post on suzani… Off to the “Pin” board!
  8. snug artwork in squared-off style. The sofa is not the only snug thing in this room. I really love how these gray and white drawings are grouped together, cheek to cheek. And the thin frames allow the classically simple art to take center stage.
  9. gray velvet. love.
  10. the gilded lotus bowl. This is my favorite piece in the room. Simple, small, classic and glam. I just love it.

Weigh in. What would you {steal} from this space?

What would you ditto, 1-10? or something else?

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