ditto :: cream on white; a soothing symmetrical space
Monday, September 19, 2011 by {darlene}

happy ditto day! If you are new to ditto posts, the goal is to break down a gorgeous design so that the details become tangible…and do-able. ditto-able.

Enjoy this creamy and restful space, designed by Victoria Hagan. And weigh in on what you would ditto!


  1. symmetry perfection. What fully draws me into this room is the calming and firm presence of symmetry. It is the strongest feature in this space, and creates an instant feeling of order and peace. In fact, with such a steady foundation of symmetry, I would use that  base and add gorgeous, interesting accessories/art to take a little bit more risk and add more color and life to this room.
  2. reflecting, identical furnishings. This is another successful element of the grand symmetry in this room. The matching, reflecting furniture pieces keep the space uncluttered to the eye and give its visitors a perfect place to rest from the clutter of daily rushing.
  3. a strong center. Everything in this room points to the center of the room, which gives a strong focus to the hearth, and is wonderful for conversations. Again, this is due to the symmetry, and the direction of the furnishings. It would be a delightful place for a family or friends to gather around a fire.
  4. cream on white. The predominant color in this space is white, and it is given variation using different shades of cream. I love the quiet, bright and peaceful feeling that can only be found in a white room. But, not everyone can do a white, creamy space such as this one – especially not the cream carpet – but there are plenty of other ditto-able creamy elements in this room. The ceiling and the walls disappear into each other, but have their individuality in their differing textures. The creamy upholstery can be done in durable/washable fabrics. The creamy trunk adds another dimension to the color scheme. Even the golds and raffia-tones in the chairs and lamps are a deep level of cream tone.
  5. a fantastic floor plan. I first saved this photo because I would love to use this floorplan in my own living room at Fieldstone Hill. I love how two sofas are incorporated into this space, and how it allows two, interesting chairs to take center stage. But my favorite feature is how the symmetry points to a strong center focus.
  6. creating height. Several elements in this room add height variation and interest: The floor lamp and the table lamps are placed evenly around the room, adding height wherever they are places. The drapes are hung all the way to the top of the ceiling, which is a fantasic and easy way to add height variation to a room. The vertical barn-siding adds constant height around the room, drawing the eye upward. And a tall, strong piece of art right in the center of the room, which is hung vertically, instantly turns the center focal point into a height-adding feature.
  7. a yellow-green centerpiece of nature. I love when yellow-green plant life is added to a room. Plants and cuttings such as these add instant breath and life , and remind me of lush, well-hydrated pastures.
  8. vertical barn siding. Keeps this formal room down to earth, so that it still has a casual and relaxed feel. The siding also adds welcome texture into a room that features all natural tones and colors.
  9. zero clutter equals breathability: A simple concept that is so rarely embraced by home-dwellers. When clients come to me, telling me that they are unhappy with their spaces, I believe that they underestimate the damage that clutter can do. Besides being a time-stealer, clutter is a mind-clogger, and a space cannot breath unless they eye can easily move around the room without getting stuck. Not everyone would agree, but I personally believe that beauty is strangled when clutter is strongly present. Hmmm… sounds like an entire post unto itself.


WHAT WOULD YOU DITTO, 1-9? OR SOMETHING ELSE? love hearing your thoughts on this!

oooooh! And, I can’t wait to tell you about a special visit I had with one of my most favorite-est bloggers. I will share my pics with you tomorrow, {you know. can’t miss that Monday ditto!}, but the very cool Angela will tell you more over at her blog-o-creativity.

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