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Friday, September 2, 2011 by {darlene}

Sometimes, don’t you look at a gorgeous room, and think that your home could never look that way?

The truth is:  It is so fun to realize that gorgeous spaces are simply made up of a bunch of smaller gorgeous ideas, all working together under one larger vision. So, why not find the smaller, gorgeous ideas… and “ditto d.i.y.” them??

Today I am starting a new series called “ditto d.i.y.!”

First things first! I am not a self-professed D.I.Y. girl. Yes, I can rock a D.I.Y. from time to time, but it is definitely not a passion of mine. {You can read all about my sad confession here, at this post.}  But what I do know how to do is dream up projects and dissect a room, making it do-able. And that includes D.I.Y. {Do It Yourself} projects. And I can tell you, you are not likely to find me recommending a complicated D.I.Y. … because I always look at those and say, “NEVER going to happen.” I don’t believe in complicated D.I.Y’s for myself, so I won’t share any with you!

What I DO believe in, when it comes to projects for decorating your home, is:

  1. beautiful simplicity,
  2. the power of quality over quantity,
  3. and ease.

And that will continue to be the philosophy for the “ditto d.i.y.” projects that I share!

What is ditto d.i.y. ??

Learn how to bring gorgeousness into your home, one simple project at a time.

“ditto d.i.y.” is a simple project that will echo part of my ditto series, in that we will work from a photo of a gorgeous space for inspiration. But we will zero in on one specific design idea that we can  “steal,” and then chit-chat about how we can incorporate the same idea into our own homes. Are you in?

Today’s ditto d.i.y::

grand apothecary kitchen storage

See those amazing apothecary jars on the countertop? They are a little hard to see in this picture, but they are SO worth duplicating! And we can do just that.

SO lets dive into the How-To concepts. “Observing” comes first, and is the most important part of a “ditto d.i.y.”! Careful observation of a design idea is what breaks the gorgeous down into the do-able.

1. First, carefully observe {ditto!} what makes this display of apothecary storage jars so amazing:

  • The jars are grand in scale
  • The jars are all the same size. The power of “en masse.”
  • They are lined up, all in a row, for ease on the eyes.
  • There are 6 of them. Keep in mind that if you only use 3, you will not get the same dramatic effect. Take into account the amount of space you have, and purchase as many as you think will fit and look gorgeous.
  • They are clear glass, which keeps an airy feeling, and does not inhibit light {therefore this display could work regardless of your kitchen size}
  • They contain beautiful and useful objects, again, “en masse.”  For example: All lemons in one jar. All pasta in another. All flour in another. This keeps the visual display clean, crisp, and useful.
  • They are practical. With lids and wide openings, you could store almost anything useful in these jars, and then, actually get into them to use what is in there! If the jar does not have an accessible opening, don’t waste your money on a pretty jar that is not useful!

2. Clear a spot.

  • There is no use purchasing the apothecary jars if you don’t have anywhere you put them. So, clear your space first. Be sure that you can create a clutter free environment. If you don’t have enough kitchen storage to create a clutter free area, then you may have to accept that 1. this display is not for you or 2. you need to get creative about moving things around and getting rid of some things in your kitchen {there are MANY resources out there on simplifying/decluttering your life. I really encourage you that this is one bandwagon that you, indeed, would love to jump on!}.

3. Purchase your apothecary jars.

  • Again: Take into account the amount of space you have, and purchase as many jars as you think will fit into your space, and look gorgeous. There are six jars in the photo above.
  • If you are shopping on-line, be sure to check the measurements. You could order a jar that says “large,” but it may still be only 7 inches tall! The jars that I recommend below are all between 12″ – 25.”
  • For online shopping: Search for the perfect jar using these key words: “Apothecary jar,” “Terrarium jar,” “Candy storage.”

Here are some of the apothecary jars that I found:

{click below for purchasing resource}:

4. Fill your jars. Here are some suggested items:

  • fruit, I recommend selecting one per jar: lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges or clementines, or apples would look beautiful.
  • pasta, I recommend selecting one type per jar: spaghetti, lasagna, spinach rotini, farfalle, etc. All types would look beautiful.
  • tea bags.
  • coffee and a stainless scoop
  • flours of different types, one per jar, with a large stainless scoop.

Voila! Gorgeous and Grand apothecary goodness can be yours!!!

It is super simple to add this “ditto d.i.y.” to your kitchen.
With some observing, planning, restraint, and vision, this display could {easily} look gorgeous in your home!!
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