southern hospitality {for this weary Yankee}
Friday, September 9, 2011 by {darlene}

If you are visiting from Rhoda’s blog, a warm welcome! It may not technically be a Southern welcome, but I did live in South Carolina for 8 years… does that count?? I learned how to say “Bless Your Heart” with the best of them, and we just adore the sweet Southern ways. And I ALWAYS turn on my Southern accent when contractors stop by; everyone is much nicer to me that way {wink}.

From bow ties, to seersucker, to BBQ, and debutante balls, we joined in on the joys of the South, and now declare {proudly, and with a twinkle in our eyes} that “The South does not bend to you. You must bend to the South.”

Northerners by birth, snowy winters and colorful autumns called our hearts Northbound again for this season of our lives. And I would be flat-out-lying if I told you that the old stone homes had nothing to do with it. We are blessed to call Fieldstone Hill our home!

Today, I am so honored and giddy to be featured on The Southern Hospitality blog’s Feature Friday. If you don’t know Rhoda, you simply must stop over at her blog and follow along as she shares her Southern sweetness with y’all. Thank you, Rhoda, for sharing Fieldstone Hill with your readers.

If you don’t know me, well, Nice to meet you! I am {darlene}, and I am the owner and interior designer at Fieldstone Hill Design, my design company that offers eDesign services to some of the most wonderful clients in the world. I am also a wife, a mom, and a dreamer… as well as the owner of a home we have named “Fieldstone Hill,” but affectionately call it “Our third child.” Historic homes are like that! We change the diapers on our house more than we did on our children. ha! But, it is a love affair. No doubt.

If you would like a tour of our historic circa 1820’s farmhouse, you can click here, or get there by clicking on the picture of our door in the right sidebar.  And while you are here, stop by and read a few of my featured ditto posts, where I dissect one gorgeous room at a time, analyzing what I would “steal” from that space. I also feature Lessons in Design posts, for thoughts on how to add more interior design philosophy into your own home.

I entitled this post “southern hospitality for the weary” because I have had a tough week. Serious family health concerns and raging floods in our area are at the top of the list. So, thank you to dear Rhoda for her perfect timing in sharing such a lovely post about my home. It is like a sweet Southern hug on a very rainy day. …And I never turn away prayers! Thank you in advance, dear ones.

So, what do you do when life is out of control?? {amended to say: life is always out of OUR control, it just happens to be more obvious at some times than others.}

Well, I, for one, clean and organize. Like a fiend. Which explains why I spent Thursday night finishing and organizing my Portfolio page.  And I will be adding details and testimonials along the way… {in my free time. ha!}

Thank you for stopping by Fieldstone Hill! Stop on over any time!

Click here to see my portfolio of recent work!

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  • Hi, holy macral you have been busy on your portfolio page! Looks fantastic!! I hadn’t seen some of your boards yet & you just ROCK the inpiration board world! One of these days I am going to hire you for my family room redesign…the room is so large and so many windows it overwhelms me! Great job & I hope your family is safe in the midst of the flooding & your family member that you mentioned will be ok….Have a great weekend!

  • Girl…I am so with you…Alex went out last night to check on his parent’s new house in Mysertown (they are closing tomorrow and wanted to make sure no water got in). I called almost every 10 minutes and cleaned like a fiend. it is the only thing to do when it is overwhelming. At least the floor can look fabulous! :)

  • Changing your house’s diaper–that’s funny! :)

    I know plans and disastrous weather have changed the course of your immediate future, but hope you find some peace over the next few days. Prayers your way!

    (Wishing I were seeing you!)

  • I was wondering if you were anywhere near the flooding! Praying for you and your family, Darlene!
    Love the updated portfolio page; absolutely gorgeous; every room is amazing!

  • Historical homes are fascinating creatures with a life all their own. My brother’s home is over 100 years old, my husband and I have owned 2 80+ year old homes. If they don’t make a DIY expert out of you but what lovely digs they provide!

    I pray the heavy load in your life will lighten soon. I hope you feel the hugs and I’ll throw in a Southern “bless your heart” for extra good measure!

    Your portfolio/boards are beautiful. When you love what you do it is yet another blessing in life.

    Sending hugs, prayers, and good thoughts up your way from Louisiana!

    Best regards from one Darleen to another Darlene~

    Darleen~Places In The Home

  • Wow! What a beautiful serene country home. I love the stone it is so simple and elegant. Your rooms each really encompass what simple elegant country cottage living is about. Enjoy your autumn leaves ours in the Midwest are just beginning to turn. Stopped by from Southern Hospitality and joined as a follower. I hope you will stop by The Corson Cottage sometime:)

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