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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 by {darlene}

I am excited to introduce you to a designer whose work I admire. a lot.

You may already know her in the blogworld.  She blogs at Live.Like.You., and shares excellent design insights and features a series of posts entitled, Think outside the Box. Don’t you love her already?? The notion of thinking outside the box is essential to good design.

Just warning you: she is drop dead gorgeous {why is it that the Swedes get an unusually large dose of gorgeous-ness from God? just sayin.}

Beauty surrounds Jill. {And you know how I feel about beauty! It is a love affair.} Her designs make my heart leap and I want to immediately paint something orange, aqua, or pink. These two rooms that she fabulously designed, via her design firm Marmalade Interiors, are superb and very ditto-worthy! I am ready to move in…..

When I discovered that Jill has released her first line of her own private label {so amazing. a dream realized!}, I had to share it with you. Take a look at her amazing Greek Key bedding collection. Isn’t it the perfect union of classic, simple and glam?

The bedding is sold here, at her shop filled with many goodies, and comes in black, navy, turquoise, and orange.

Now. I know that you keen things noticed that headboard in the pictures! It is Jill’s custom Pagoda headboard. Pure glam, I tell ya:

The Pagoda headboards are available at her shop as well.

Jill’s design philosophies are beautiful.  and I must say that I agree!:

* Good design should be available to anyone to improve the quality of their lives

* Great style doesn’t mean big budget!

* Your home should make you happy!

But my favorite of Jill’s philosophies is her determination to give an offering of herself to help others. Jill is the founder of Knock Out Abuse Against Women, a charity that supports victims of domestic violence. Many of the items in her shop give a donation from sales to this charity. She was also instrumental in creating Sharing Spaces, a program that with the aid of a community furniture drive redesigns domestic violence shelters to improve the lives of women and children.

I love that Jill is pursuing a dream, and taking a leap, but most of all, that she is shedding grace on others along the way.

Shedding grace on others. Now that is beautiful design.

{all photos used with permission from Marmalade Interiors and the Live.Like.You. blog. Photo credit: Tanya Malott}

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