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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 by {darlene}

Just popping in this morning for a quick hello of giddy news. After four {plus} years of blogging, and {a little less than} one year of blogging here at Fieldstone Hill Design, I am now offering sponsorships of advertising opportunities. A big blog moment.

My first {official} sponsor has her button over there… to the right! Doesn’t that look cool?? go ahead. click on it! {but come back later, if you like looking at cute outfits. just warning you.}

Sooo. What does that mean for you?

Well… the chance to win free stuff from time to time {Yay!}. And the chance to learn about growing small businesses that have good prices and a passion for their work {translation: good stuff!!!}. Or, if that just described your business, then the chance to advertise at a super sweet price {want more details? Click here}.

I am all about standing behind my sponsors, so if you clicky over there, you will find some nice folks with gorgeous stuff. More coming soon, too!

That’s all! But since I can’t write a post without leaving a gorgeous picture, I will share a photo that has been on my desktop of an awesome fall outfit that I am SO going to ditto this season. What do you think, would you rock this outfit??

despite her Burberry digs, the poor dear does need a touch of makeup.

totally random. I know. But this time of year makes me happy about wearing full-fledged “outfits” again. And, of course, I am Pinning lots of cute digs lately. Wanna see more? Hop over to my “Decorating Myself” board at Pinterest. See you there!

What outfits are you digging for this fall?

Oh, and go give my newest sponsor some love, K???

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