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Monday, October 10, 2011 by {darlene}

Before I dive into ditto-ing, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for the wonderful Anniversary wishes and sweet comments about our wedding pictures. We had an amazing weekend of celebrating our 12 years together… doing a whole lot of nothing! aaaah, refreshment.


I love this following ditto-worthy room, mostly for what it does not have.

The details in this room are executed with amazing restraint, leading to a room that breathes with beauty and flow.

Think about what you would ditto from this space {Lonny Magazine. Design by Fernandez and True Interiors}:


  1. a super comfy, center-stage sofa. Who needs a ton of heavy-weight, room-filling furnishings when you have one, beautiful, comfortable piece that does it all? I imagine our entire family of four snuggling up on this beauty, all together!
  2. a Brazilian hide rug. The gorgeous tapestry feel and stunning geometric pattern creates a rug that will not soon be forgotten. I am long overdue on a rug about hides, but have one in the works. I love how this particular rug connects and grounds all of the thin and sparse furnishings in this room.
  3. a simple bar that perfectly fills a slender wall. I love the simplicity and usefulness of the bar cart and bar set-up that sits against the far wall, but what I think makes it so eye-catching is the fact that it turns a small sliver of wall space into a perfectly useful spot. Not to mention, it draws in the eye with its contrast of white against mocha in classy, modern lines.
  4. a cookie-cutter floor plan turns extraordinary via architectural details. So many homes have this layout: the kitchen that opens to the living room/television area, separated by a breakfast bar. This layout is wonderful because it works for a family, no doubt; but it can leave a room feeling just like “every one else’s home.” I believe that this room defeats the cookie-cutter through gorgeous architectural additions, such as: huge floor-board trim, heaven-to-earth windows, A dropped soffit above the bar – adding interest to the ceiling heights, and the gorgeous crown moulding.
  5. deep, dark wood floors that disappear. I love the effect that the dark floors have on this room. It is as if the room was floating on a smooth, dark lake. So dramatic! ditto!
  6. a crystal chandelier. They never get old. And my love for their beauty never fades. High-gloss glamour, I tell ya, with one stunning crystal chandelier.
  7. large, low hanging art that brings huge ceilings down to reality-ville. Soaring heights are wonderful, except when they make you feel small and lost. Bring some cozy back to your room by using the trick of hanging your art {pieces with presence, if you please} within the lower half of the room.
  8. very few furnishing pieces. It is tempting to fill a room like this – and there is not a thing wrong with doing just that. But, certainly worthy of a ditto, is the sheer beauty that is born out of sparsity and restraint in this space. A sofa, a coffee table, two small end-tables, two small and airy chairs, two thin lamps, a dresser, and a bar cart are all that fill this huge living room. Most of the pieces are sitting together on the large rug, and that gives them weight and grounds the airy feeling. Other than that, breeze moves from piece to piece without interruption. Oh, and there is no {zero!} clutter. So, if you gaze at this space, and it feels as though you can breathe… maybe you can ditto a thing or two from this amazing room.




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