happy birthday to my baby
Thursday, October 27, 2011 by {darlene}

This is a special day here at Fieldstone Hill.

Our baby, who we lovingly call “Nuggy,” is four today. We rejoice and celebrate together!!

Today we will be together, enjoying his super cuteness!

Happy Birthday Nuggy!!!! We love you so so so so much. You are so very precious to us!

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  • Happy Birthday Mr. Nuggy! I have a feeling you my Mr. Nuchey would get along great :)

  • Your baby is four! My baby is fourteen. . . and yes, he’s still my baby. But I can tell you that four is a better age for taking pictures. :)

    And I dearly love a four-year-old boy! What a wonderful time of life. Enjoy!!

    The greatest poem ever known
    Is one all poets have outgrown:
    The poetry–innate, untold–
    Of being only four years old. (Christopher Morley)

  • A big Happy Birthday…Just found your blog via Haus Design. I’ve been snooping around and like what I see. I just signed up to follow via E-mail. Have a nice weekend. Mona

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