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Friday, October 21, 2011 by {darlene}

One year ago today, I was at the Relevant Conference 2010 {If you like staring at banners, you can see me and my friend Frugal Flamingo on the header banner, in the center. Flamingo loves me, even though I am not particularly frugal. And she is also the girl who taught me about blogging!}.

One year ago today, I launched Fieldstone Hill, the blog.

One year ago today, I had my first post. I thought you might have {a tiny little bit of} fun reading it. When you are done, there is a list below of some of my favorite posts from this past {wonderful} year. I hope you enjoy looking back with me:

Welcome to Fieldstone Hill!

This blog is a dream of mine, a dream that is coming true, and I am so excited to share it with you!  Ever since I can remember, I have loved interior design. It continues to be a passion in my life, and I am thrilled to spill my thoughts and ideas out here at Fieldstone Hill. I am also thrilled to offer Online Interior Design Services to help you add beauty and style to your home!

What can you expect to find here at Fieldstone Hill?
beautiful inspiration.
beautiful objects.
beautiful thoughts.
beautiful design projects.
beautiful practicality.
and a lot more beauty that you can apply to your daily lives.

Where can you find more?
Click on the tabs above, or right here, to read more
about me,
my design services,
my home,
and my art.
And there will be more in the weeks to come.

Won’t you consider Following, Subscribing, Grabbing my button for your site {thanks for the support!!} or Commenting to kick off my first blog day??
I would love to know that you stopped by, and I cannot wait to meet you.
See you back here at Fieldstone Hill!



aw. the nostalgia. {I still love followers. I cannot tell a lie}

Well, since that post a year ago, I am starting to get into a groove as to where Fieldstone Hill fits into the blogosphere. And I am loving every minute. The blog friend connections are the best part. Just imagine: everyone you connect with has something to say, AND is creative. Thank you to everyone who makes the effort to comment and show me a bit of your personality!

I have had several favorite posts over the last year, for one reason or another, and I thought it would be fun for me to share them with you here. Click on the link to see the posts:

beautiful thought :: yes. you can. {my personal favorite post}

ditto :: a classic boy’s room {my first ever ditto post}

renovation :: boys’ room floor solution; tutorial {my most popular post}

vision :: words of reason {my most helpful post for my clients}

renovation :: our addition. before and after {my favorite renovation post}

thoughts :: balancing dreams and the dream we live {the real me}

the value of a vision {my core belief about designing with a vision}


So. I turn one today.

Thank you for a wonderful year in blogland! I sure do treasure you all! And thank you to my amazing clients, who make Fieldstone Hill Design a pure joy!

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