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Tuesday, November 22, 2011 by {darlene}

A little tidbit for you: Did you know that the X in X-mas is a reference to the Greek word for Christ? So the actual translation of X-mas is from the early church and means Christ-mas. Did ya know?? Now, you are SOOO ready for this year’s holiday game of Trivial Pursuit.


I am excited to share a free eBook with you today, chock full of easy-peasy Christmas and Holiday D.I.Y. projects.

This book is a collaboration of wonderful projects from talented bloggers around the web. Myra of My Blessed Life, and Mandi from Life…Your way, were the creative minds behind the book. One of the projects featured in the eBook is from Fieldstone Hill, {the one that is not so much D.I.Y. as much as it is T.T.S. – Take To Seamstress. That’s how I roll.}. You will just love all of the fun and lovely projects in the eBook.

All you need to do to download the eBook {I said free, right??} is click on the image below:

I hope you have fun adding special touches of Christmas beauty to your home. Enjoy!

and because I can’t write a post without adding a picture or two of  beautiful stuff, here are a few of the more recent Pins that have been inspiring me to start my Christmas decorating:








Source: bhg.com via {darlene} on Pinterest


Do tell! Which picture motivates you the most to start some beautiful X-mas decorating?

I hope you love your free eBook! I would love to hear which projects you try!

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  • Oh, the door with snow and garland in the window boxes, that says Christmas to me. What a great idea, this ebook. I’m going to link to it…

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving Darlene! Janell

  • I adore the golds in the first picture, and the beautiful tree!

  • Yes, ma’am, I did know about the X (Chi). And the Chi Rho symbol which were displayed on Constantine’s banners is often found in liturgical churches–the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ. Years ago, people used “Xmas” to mean Christmas because they’d learned that X was an abbreviated way to write Christ. As teaching the classics and Western history faded from schools, fewer and fewer people knew this. And then some well-meaning Christians started protesting the Xmas abbreviation, thinking that it represented taking Christ out of Christmas. Not at all! Just the opposite!

    So hurray to you, Darlene, for writing this post! You’re talented AND smart! :)

  • Thanks so much for sharing this great e-book. Love several of the ideas especially the Christmas tree made from old sewing patterns. So pretty. My favorite of the pics above would be the red ribbon window boxes.

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