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Tuesday, November 8, 2011 by {darlene}

It’s “A Room I Love” Day….just a simple hello, from me to you, featuring a Room that I Love, and a quick list of why I love it:

I came across this photo on Pinterest yesterday, and I wanted to share it with you to get your thoughts.

This room features a sofa that is placed directly in front of a wall of bookshelves. Personally, I thought this was genius. So often, we are limited on where we can place furnishings based on how many full walls are available. What to do if there is only one big wall for a storage piece, and there is not enough room to have a sofa that sits in the middle of the room?

Why not layer?

{ via BHG}


  1. the concept of placing a sectional sofa directly in front of a large wall unit. Brilliant and lovely.
  2. the height and beauty of “en masse” globes lift the eye and add fun color.
  3. the fact that the shelves are highly organized with additional storage concealers.
  4. the color coding of the books makes art out of regular house hold items.
  5. charcoal and orange.
  6. that light invites a place to read.
  7. the L shape of the sectional is echoed in the shelving
  8. the rug reminds me of the books on the shelves 

DO YOU LOVE IT?? WHAT DO YOU LOVE? Is there a place in your home where you can use this sofa/shelf trick??

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