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Friday, November 18, 2011 by {darlene}

It’s a busy morning here at Fieldstone Hill. I am taking both of my boys to see the Symphony, something we love to do. If you remember from this post and this post, we will be busy dressing up in our finest {even though everyone else will be in jeans!}.

And speaking of music, I had to take a moment to share my client’s new foyer Vision Design Board with you!

My client had visions of a more formal space for her very welcoming and comforting farmhouse, {that you can take a tour of here}. She also needed a space for her family to create music.

I really, really love this foyer. This Vision Design Board  is actually one of the closest reflections to my own style… I would have this in my own home, and it would feel like “me.” Okay, so maybe mine would have to have a crystal chandelier…

My favorite things about this space are:

  1. the baby grand. I LOVE baby grands… and music!
  2. the combination of chartreuse and saffron orange.
  3. books by the piano.
  4. The center stage, modern art that is full of life.
  5. antique furnishings.
  6. those chartreuse velvet lumbar pillows
  7. the mirror display.

i would love your thoughts on this design board!!!

do you see any solutions in this space that you could incorporate into your home?

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