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Wednesday, November 9, 2011 by {darlene}

……..My husband and I made the crazy decision 6 years ago to bite off a bit more than we can chew, and we bought Fieldstone Hill, a gorgeous, historic stone farmhouse built circa 1820.

{Fieldstone Hill, after a few years of rescuing}

It came with wide-board, pumpkin pine floors…. that were black. It came with an authentic log cabin from 1796… that needed a new roof, and still is filled with holes. It came with stunning, deep window wells… that caused my hair to blow in the wind when I was sitting on our sofa. Oh, and that was the least of our list. In the first week of living in Fieldstone Hill, the septic backed up and filled our basement, the water stopped running, we had water dripping from our light fixtures, and black mud regularly shot in geysers out of our steam radiators. True story. No exaggeration here, folks.

oh. and I was pregnant with our first baby.


All that to say, this decorator has not spent much {hardly any} energy or funds on decorating our home….


Want to hear the rest of the story? Today I am guest posting at Cottage and Vine’s “My Favorite Room” series! I will meet you over there for pics of my current favorite room in our home!

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  • What a stunning bathroom and gorgeous home. Love that you have shared the reality of living and loving an old home. In looking at your blog, I can only image how gorgeous the rest of the rooms will be.
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  • What a beautiful old house!! Will hop over and read. xx

  • Thanks for sharing your beautiful bathroom with us today! I’m glad Rene introduced you, your blog is just as lovely!

  • Your home is so beautiful and love all the details of your bathroom! Left you a comment over at Cottage and Vine!

  • Darlene… seeing what you have done to your bath on Cottage and Vine…so pretty!

  • Thanks again for being my guest today Darlene. I have always loved old houses and your post was special treat.

  • Your home is beautiful. I am heading over to read the rest of the post. When we bought our home, the septic needed to be replaced and while in the process the plumber running a new pipe from the house to the septic put a leak in our oil tank. It spilled all over our basement which was filled with most of our belongings because every room was being redone. A couple of weeks later we were leaving the house and I could hear a drip. I looked over to see that the bathroom was leaking into the kitchen. We ended up with a big hole in the ceiling while in the process of trying to find the cause of the leak. Although I definitely think you had it worse.


  • I very much relate to many of your old house woes. Our last house was about a hundred and ten years younger than yours but oh the joys of that old house! Lovely, yes. But mice? Check. Drafts from the windows? Yes. Water from the light fixtures? Nodding. Steam radiators? Smile. I miss the charm of it but I do love that I haven’t heard a single mouse here. Ever. :-)

  • :-) And your home is LOVELY. I just can’t get over how beautiful it is!

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