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Monday, November 14, 2011 by {darlene}

Not that kind of secretary. But this one has great bones and great legs, nonetheless. Shall we ditto her?

The moment I saw this picture, I fell in love with this tiny slice of a room that would be the perfect spot to sit with a warm drink and a mind full of creative ideas waiting to be penned.

Even the corner of a room can be filled with may ditto-worthy details.  And this little corner is a dreamy example of great design. I wonder, what would you ditto from this space?

{Better Homes and Gardens}


  1. a rich charcoal with muddy undertones.  Using a deep gray in your space is a fantastic way to get a bold, rich look. What I love most, however, are when my grays have a touch of brown in them. This keeps the room feeling warm, and your space is more flexible. A gray with muddy undertones not only works beautifully with both warm and cool tones, it helps to tie them together.
  2. a stunning drop-down secretary. This piece is stunning. Is there much more to say? Oh, yes. It is practical too! A drop-down desk gives you the option of hiding a messy work surface. Protected book storage {oh, this glass is so gorgeous} saves you from dusting, and keeps your most treasured books right at hand. Drawers and letter slots offer more ways to “hide the uglies.
  3. the perfect chair. The classic shapes in this chair make it so very flexible. It is relaxed and still can hold up to a formal piece. And it is turquoise. Need I say more?
  4. floor-to-ceiling drapes. Have you seen this Pin on Pinterest? I agree 110%. Look at these soaring drapes, and tell me you are not convinced!
  5. a versatile ottoman, skirted in lush gray. It offers a place to sit; a place to rest your tray; a place to put your feet; and a place to stack your papers when you are working hard at your gorgeous desk.
  6. a silver tray. Does your house need a touch of timeless classiness? A little bit of Jackie O? Go get yourself {or pull one out of storage and polish} a silver tray.
  7. portrait lamps. See that slim horizontal light above the botanical prints? I love portrait lamps. This is one of my personal decorating quirks {maybe I should call it a “signature?”}: I think most art and bookcases should have portrait lamps. It is icing on the cake.
  8. finished edges. The black piping on the ottoman and the greek key tape on the drapes are small details that take this room to the next level of gorgeousness. Don’t overlook the details! They are the things that elevate a space into fine design.




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  • I would not have thought to pair unpainted wood with all of that gray and silver. But it works beautifully. It really warms up this space. Without it, I think it would feel too cold.

  • I love the color of the chair and how it pops the room! Very cool :) The drapes are pretty cool 2! Hope you had a good vaca ! Did you get my emails ?

  • Pure gorgeousness!
    I just moved and needed a place to put my secretary in this smaller house AND a place in my entry hallway for all the mail that comes in through the front door. The secretary seems like the perfect solution. NO ONE can see my mess…and the cubbies keep my papers organized. I think I’m going to like this.
    I think I might need to ditto the pictures, placing my secretary off center on the wall and add the pictures to the side…with the light. It will add a bit of light and drama in a darkish spot. Yay!!!!

  • What would I steal from this space? Everything!

  • I love the finished edges as well. The Greek key detailing is perfect in this space.

  • Don’t forget that gorgeous vintage alabaster lamp! I love it, though the shade might need some tweaking… I love the drapes!

  • Darlene I love that! Secretary desks are probably my #1 favorite item of furniture in existence. I love any room in which they appear. This one has such great details, most of which I would never have picked up on had you not pointed them out!

  • I used to clean my boss’s house occasionally, and he had an old secretary very similar to that. I would lovingly linger over it when I was dusting! Beautiful little niche!

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