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Monday, November 7, 2011 by {darlene}

I love so many things about this classy living room.

First of all, it is an excellent example of how to handle a long floor plan. But I also love its elements of classic decor that is elegant without being fussy. It is a gorgeous example of what I love best: farmhouse simplicity AND high-gloss glamour, coexisting in gorgeousness.

It is filled with may ditto-worthy details. Let’s dissect what makes this room so classy and functional! I wonder, what would you ditto from this room?

{design by Lili Abir Regen via Elle Decor}


  1. a room centered around the fireplace.  If I were designing a living room from scratch, the very first thing I would think about would be placing the fireplace in a central focused area, and then designing the rest of the space around it. It gives a comforting center to the entire space. And nothing says home quite like a hearth.
  2. two identical, facing sofas. I love, love, love this layout for a living room. What is the best seat in the house? The sofa! Well, if you have a choice in the matter {I do not! I can only afford one. But I am very thankful for my one sofa!}, consider having two sofas that flank your fireplace. It is a wonderful way to usher in conversation.
  3. A desk on the back of the sofa. This is an excellent example of how to break up a long room into warm, useful spaces. By using the back of one sofa as a “wall,” the desk creates a separate section of this space. Suddenly, you have an office! {one with a view of a fireplace!}
  4. A splash of chartreuse. Is anyone else absolutely loving that gorgeous, chartreuse wing-back chair? It is regal and dramatic and energetic all at once. That is where I would choose to sit! And to those of you afraid to make such a daring choice: take note that there is no other chartreuse in the room. It stands alone in its gutsy color, but is grounded by its classic form.
  5. bold awning stripes. I love awning stripes. And I really love chocolate awning stripes. What I am loving about this space is how this pattern is used on both polar ends of the room… ditto! Just gorgeous!
  6. separate conversation areas. If you have a long room, have the guts to turn your furnishings in toward each other, creating separate seating areas. Your room won’t feel smaller – it will feel bigger. And it will be ten times more practical and user friendly. That’s what homes are for: living in!
  7. plenty of fresh flowers and plants. You simply can’t go wrong by adding topiaries and bouquets all around the room.
  8. plenty of party seating. This room seems like the perfect place to have a party! The walls are lined with spots to sit in cross-legged loveliness. From slipper chairs that line one side of the room, to two sofas, to low upholstered benches that can be pulled out for extra guests, to a lovely spot beside a table… this space offers plenty of resting spots for your friends as you entertain.
  9. broad, custom trim. If you are aiming for a feeling of grandeur in your home, consider using broad and elegant trim like that around the passageway into this living room.
  10. a low ceiling. It seems as if all new homes are built with a “great room” that has soaring ceilings. This effect can be gorgeous, but it can also feel hollow and bare. I would like to use this room as an example of how amazing a standard sized ceiling can be. I am a big fan of standard ceilings, because a standard ceiling offers a feeling of history, coziness, and comfort. If an effort is put into the architectural details and beauty of the room elements {like the trim, flooring, and mantle in this space}, I think that is a more effective, substantive way to make a room feel grand.




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  • Great post lady! I’m glad you said that about the ceiling! I have had both and while both have great character, I now have standard so that’s what I have to work with :) My fireplace is a stand alone “Franklin” & the room is full of windows & large so I struggle with the fireplace layout,TV & furniture placement…..well, enough of that! Great post :)

    • I just love standard ceilings. I don’t think you need height to feel free and flowing in your home. Just windows or a destination view {like an open door}. That is why treehouses feel amazing… not because they have soaring ceilings…

  • Thanks for sharing this beautiful room full of great ideas. I’m in the process of remodeling our new (old) house that not only has a long living room/dining room, but it opens to a smaller sitting area giving me an L-shaped space that can be seen from the front door. I will ditto #6 (among others) and implement making separate areas within my large space. It helps me to see pictures of how others have done this. Thanks, again!

  • The floor – absolutely stunning. And the stripes – loving the combo of black and white with pops of green (plants). When I close my eyes that is what I remember about the room.

    xoxo michele

  • I love that it’s traditional with elements of fun; the stripes, the pop of the chartreuse…I think lately you’ve been wondering “what would Jennifer like to see today?” and then popping them up here. :) So Pretty!!

  • I really like the chest under the topiaries. I also like the texture of the fireplace screen and the chunky mirror above the mantel.

    Neat room!

  • New follower, btw, on both your blog and Facebook.

  • I have had a pair of sofas flanking the fireplace for over 15 years (unfortunately, the same sofas, so they are really needing some new upholstery!), and I will never change the arrangement. It is perfect for conversation whether it’s just you and your family enjoying a quiet evening or for a larger gathering. And just to add, you don’t have to get full size sofas. Ours are a little larger than the standard love seat, so we were able to save some money but still get the same effect.

  • So many great ideas in this room! Things to ditto: Love that there’s seating galore & yet it doesn’t appear the least bit crowded. The sparse mantel…yes I’m learning from you. Love the unexpected color in the Chartreuse chair & how you said it’s regal, dramatic & energetic all at once! The awning stripes remind me of the rug you chose for my space! And I already ditto having a table & chair to sit at in the living room – so pretty and practical too. Great Post.

  • Good Morning Darlene,

    Very fun post today…I would steal that cozy wingback/round table spot, the fabulous flooring and the low ceiling. As for me..I detest soaring ceilings. They feel very cold to me. Keep them in the Sistine Chapel please ;->.

    Also wold steal the mirror over the fireplace and the painting on the far wall.

    Love this room!

    janet xox

  • Love this layout…this is what I’ll be looking for in my next home. Trying to downsize and this solves several problems – living, office, library/cozy reading area, entertaining. I’m ready to move my furnishings in! Love your DITTO Mondays. Thank you for such inspiration.

  • I love the buffet on the far end of the room. It’s rustic elegance would look great in my entryway!

  • Totally concur with all your dittos. I also am in love with the two sofas layout. It is also nice of the view and open space to their family room, cozy. Love your blog and style Darlene. Would love to see more photos of your home. Especially of the kitchen and dining and some of your thoughts on home management and must-have routines? :) thanks!

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