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Tuesday, December 6, 2011 by {darlene}

Last Sunday I was delighted to open my inbox and get these great pics of a client’s {mostly} finished guest bedroom. This particular client has been the sweetest woman in the world to work with, and I have enjoyed doing three design boards for her home already.

My client wanted a room that featured grays with an accent color of pink. She also wanted to bring some girly touches to this space, as well as bring in modern and glam furnishings. I had fun adding grays contrasting with browns, and playing with cotton candy pinks and berries. Here is a picture of the design board that I created for her space:

And here are the pictures of my client’s space:

Isn’t this room smashing!!?? I am so thrilled with how it came together!

You can see that she did not use everything exactly as portrayed on the Vision Design Board. To that I say, hooray! THAT is the beauty of having a Vision Design Board! You get enough of a glimpse into the “After” of your space that it gives you to confidence to experiment, play around within the ideas, shop for deals, wait for sales, and find great accessories that would work in the space.

My client wrote the sweetest testimonial about my services, which I promptly added to my Testimonials Page.

By the way, for those who are still waiting: My wait list is still pretty hefty for my Vision Design Boards, but I am glad to announce that, at least for the moment, my wait is finally under 27 weeks. The wait list is currently open… for the moment!  Also, my wait for Email Consultations {which has been a wonderful, affordable alternative for my clients} is only at 2 weeks for the time being. You can read more details here on my Design Services Page.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this finished client space!!!!

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