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Monday, December 19, 2011 by {darlene}

Happy {ditto} Monday! I am SOOO excited about today’s ditto; I just know you are going to be amazed by this room.

The room is designed by my friend Angela, of the fantastic blog, The Painted House. I have sent my readers over to Angela’s online home a few times, {you even met her here at Fieldstone Hill} … and if you haven’t hopped over, you really are missing out. Angela is fun AND funny, an artist who is beyond creative, and she will inspire you to stretch outside of your decorating box.

Angela certainly lives up to that description with her latest Before-and-After masterpiece: the guest bedroom in her own home.

Feast your eyes on her space, that is full of joie de vivre {“joy of living”} and vibrant creativity. And then tell me what YOU would ditto from this space:


  1. A COLOR ENERGIZED ROOM. so crisp. and fun. and energetic. and full of life. Just like a bright sunny day. Kelly green walls mix daringly with bright yellows, oranges and reds. This color energized room is worth ditto-ing.
  2. BUFFALO CHECK. I certainly have an affinity for buffalo check as a pattern, as the pattern filled the backs of our built-in bookcases in our living room while I was growing up. But, I especially love buffalo check in black and white, navy and white, and yellow and white. Here, the buffalo check adds a classic, yet graphic appeal to this space, as well as giving us a grounding dose of black and white amidst all the fun colors.
  3. FAUX BOIS LAMPS, PAINTED WHITE, WITH BLACK LAMP SHADES.  I love everything about this combination. Not to mention the fact that it could easily be ditto-d.i.y.-ed. Just think of all the deserted {and for a song!} faux bois lamps that are out there… waiting to be discovered, taken home, and spray painted in white. Then, top those babies off with luxe black lamp shades, and you just ditto-ed the lovely Angela.
  4. PAINTED, MATCHING, FUNKY END-TABLES IN ORANGE.  Just when you thought a set of end tables had no life left in them, and had taken on an out-of-date shape… maybe it is time to paint them orange? Everything is better in orange.
  5. YELLOW AS A PUNCH COLOR. Yes, please. I am sooo loving yellow right now. I think of it as a drop of gold into your space. And it is perfect as a punch color in this space. It contrasts and brightens the deep walls and the black and white check. {for more on what a punch color is, and how to use it in your home, click here}
  6. A SETTEE IN THE BOUDOIR {OR BEDROOM}.  I just had to say “boudoir” with “settee,” did I not? My point? I love when bedrooms have settees! Just another spot for lovers.
  7. CRISP WHITE ACCENTS. Crisp white never lets you down. It is the perfect contrast. The perfect void. The perfect way to set apart a rich color… making it that much richer. {for more on using contrasts in your own home, click here for a “lesson in design.”}
  8. A GRAND, GUTSY MIRROR. I am always in favor of grand and gutsy. Afraid? Just remember THIS!



I LOVE HEARING YOUR THOUGHTS! Then, be sure to hop over to Angela’s to see more of this great space, and to tell her how much you love her guest bedroom!

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