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Monday, December 26, 2011 by {darlene}

Happy {ditto} Monday!

I am giddy over the discovery of Tyler Dawson, a California based designer who, I think, is brilliant at taking the classy and simple lines of the traditional, and vamping everything up with a twist of drama and color.

Check out this amazing living room designed by Tyler. Let’s dissect it together and see how we can ditto some of her crazy-gorgeous design skills:


  1. TRADITIONAL LINES, WITH COLOR AND DRAMA ADDED AT EVERY CORNER. What I think gives this space such high-gloss glamour, while still preserving the endurance and livability of farmhouse simplicity, is the fact that her canvas begins with traditional lines. A classically shaped sofa – revamped with dramatic velvet and fun pillows; traditionally classic french chairs – revamped with gutsy-colorful fabrics; The classic form of an oriental rug – revamped in magenta! And why have eggshell walls when you can have pale pink walls? The feeling is still classic … but with a twist.
  2. DARK AND DRAMATIC DRAPES.  I love drapes! I can’t help myself. And, I would ditto these drapes because I love how the deep, dark, chocolate fabric contrasts with the pale walls. And I love how the long gold accent trim adds a vibrant touch that adds height to the room, and ties into all the gold accents in the room.
  3. GOLD ACCENTS. Love that gold chandy, the gold chair, the gold tables, the gold tape in the drapes, the gold in the painting, and the gold pillows. Perfection! While there are gold touches everywhere, they are all done in small doses and they don’t overpower. Excellent use of a punch color.
  4. MIXING METALS AS A BASE, THEN ADDING COLOR ON TOP.  Mixing metals is a design technique that I truly love. You can read more about my love for mixed metals here, and see my Pinterest board on Mixed metals here. In this space,  I would ditto how Tyler used her gold accents, then grounded the room with silver-velvet sofa. Then I would definitely ditto adding lots of fun color on top!
  5. A HUGE, BOLD PIECE OF ART, THAT ADDS COHERENCE TO THE COLOR SCHEME.  The huge artwork in this room is bold, and offers a truly modern contrast to the traditional lines. I love using bold, modern art as a way to liven up a space and infuse creativity. And, like Tyler, I find modern art to be the perfect way to vamp up traditional spaces. I used this concept in one of my recent designs of a formal foyer.
  6. THAT WHITE FRAME. I would definitely ditto that chic, white, thick, shiny frame that surrounds the art! It ties into, and contrasts all at once, the classical crown molding that frames the room. Think art frames are a detail that don’t matter?? Of course not! Just look at what this frame does for this room.
  7. YELLOWS, ORANGES, FUCHSIAS, AND CORALS.  GUTS!!! Could the color accents in this space get any gutsier? And yet, they are all employed in classical ways. This makes the room fun AND grounded at the same time. LOVE this BRILLIANCE! Ditto!!




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  • So many people are tuned in to silver these days and many might not like the gold chandelier, but if you buy a house with one, this is a good room to study. They have gold metallic and gold/ochre colors throughout the room, which makes the gold chandelier look perfectly at home in this space. You can make it work with a little thought an ingenuity.

  • Love this room! I’d ditto 1, 4,5 & 6. The only thing I don’t really love is the detailing on the rug, and I feel like the lamps are a little too tall for the couch and tables. And I would place a nice reading light on the little table with the 2 chairs, just for function. But I’m loving so much about this room! Thanks for sharing

  • I love those matching chairs– you know where i’d put them…

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