FHD’s Top 10 organizing tips
Thursday, December 29, 2011 by {darlene}

Below is a list that I often give to my clients. I believe that a clutter free home is the number one decorating tool that any person, in any home, can use to change their home: today!

Beautiful spaces are not filled with junk. It is as simple, and as blunt, as that.

FHD’s Ten Organizing Tips

1. For most of your organizing: Do little bits; often

2. “Hide the Uglies” by using beautiful storage solutions

3. Attack what will “stay done” first; do daily maintenance second

4. Set a timer for effective organizing

5. Pick one drawer or closet per week; tackle one per week. In one year, you will have tackled 52 spots! Keep a list if that will help to motivate you

6. Make a commitment to invest in storage materials

7. Accept that it will get worse {messier} before it gets better

8. One step at a time. Don’t listen to the voice that says “There is too much to be done; why bother”

9. Post an inspirational magazine photo nearby, as you organize

10. For big projects: Schedule organization days onto your calendar; take them seriously

Happy Organizing!!

{find these pics and more inspirational organizing pics on my Inspiration: Organizing Pinboard}

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