hello new year :: the best of 2011 {thanks to YOU!}
Saturday, December 31, 2011 by {darlene}

2011 was a wonderful year.

So, yes, you caught me: I am an optimist. But, I always have been and that is not going to change today.

I thought I would have a little fun and share some of my

FHD “Best of” moments for 2011

1. I created my first “official” eDesign board this year, launching Fieldstone Hill Design into the Online realm! Doing what you love? And helping others reach their dreams? Priceless!

2. I got to work with the fabulous Edie to help her design the rebuilding of her beautiful home. Thank you for that blessing, Edie!

3. I got to see my clients’ spaces come to life as they implemented my Vision Designs. The best part? Hearing from my clients as to how their lives and homes have been improved by adding beauty and function to their lives.

4. Some amazing and humbling features: Sadie and Stella featured Fieldstone Hill Design, alongside some of the most fabulous Designers in blogland, in their top 2011 Favorite Room Features. Rhoda of Southern Hospitality featured my home in her Feature Friday series. and Julia of Hooked on Houses highlighted my Christmas decorated Home. Thank you for these honors, ladies!

5. I met one of my favorit-est bloggy friends for a jaunt in the park. My life is SO enriched by bloggy friends! Love y’all!!

6. I had the time of my life at the Relevant Conference in Hershey, PA, hanging with some of the most creative and kind women in this country! {here I am with 2 of those very ladies:

me, Melissa of the Inspired Room, and Kimba of A Soft Place to Land}

7. I opened the Fieldstone Hill blog up to sponsorships, and now share amazing products with my readers. Find these sponsors via their buttons in my right side bar {cute stuff, I tell ya!}.

8. I kicked off the very fist of FHD’s monthly giveaways. Now, every month, I will be giving away free eDesign Single-Question Consults. Yippeeee! {by the way….. today is THE LAST DAY to enter December’s giveaway! CLICK HERE to enter now!}

9. I made it through a year running a Design blog, an online eDesign business, being a stay-at-home mom and wife, and homeschooling my two boys. Hmmm. maybe that explains why I really want a nap right now……

10. I discovered, and am now in a 12 step recovery program for Pinterest!!!!! Anyone else?? {pssst. see you over there later on today, k?}

11. {why stop at 10?} I have gotten so much love and encouragement from clients and friends via this online community. From flowers, to letters, to bracelets, to words of encouragement I will NEVER forget, I cannot tell you how much you have all “raised me up!” Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

But the very top of the “best things in 2011″ list is this:

12. I got to know YOU better!!!  You. My fun, smart, savvy, creative, beauty-lovin’ readers!!! YOU have made 2011 an awesome year!

{cue the confetti}



* * * * * * * * *

DON’T FORGET! Today {December 31} is the VERY LAST DAY TO ENTER!

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