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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 by {darlene}

I have a decorating philosophy.

Okay, well. You caught me. I have SEVERAL decorating philosophies.  But one of them is:

Buy things you REALLY love, and then work them into your home.

1. I am not talking about things you think are pretty, or lovely, or nice… but things you REALLY LOVE. Things that “speak” to you. Things that are “You!”

2. Once you have purchased that lovely amazing thing, make it a priority to add it to your home. What’s your hang-up?:

For some of you {ahem. me!}, that may mean actually committing to hanging something on your wall, making the trek to buy the supplies, and getting out some dusty power tools.

For others, that may mean giving away that “so-s0″ item that is already hanging there, looks “okay,” and you got on a “great sale.” Part with it, I say!


I bought something I really love. And guess what? When I bought it {…I almost didn’t. Like so many of us, I am quite careful with any expendable income I have}, I had NO idea where I would put it. I just KNEW that I loved it, and decided: I will FIND the perfect spot for this gorgeous-ness.

And, bit by bit, I plan on building my home that way. By starting with an overall vision, and then buying things that meet my vision, things I REALLY ADORE! Things that fit into my Vision Design Words. And avoiding things I like, but don’t really love.

And, I am going to be taking some of my own advice and get it on the wall.

Wanna see my goodie?

Which, by the way, I got here {Click below on those cute pachyderms and go sign up. You will not regret it!}

Last night, I found the perfect spot. The spot where this beauty was meant to live all along. Right there, above my bed:


How about you? What prevents YOU from filling your home with things you truly ADORE? {and here is just food for thought: usually – but, not always -it is not just money. While most of us here on planet earth don’t have endless money, or even extra money, for decorating, most of the time it is not our only hang-up.}

Is it perfectionism? Is it the inability to replace things you have “out-grown?” Is it decorating paralysis? Is it laziness? Is it fear?

Don’t wait to be surrounded by the very things you love. Instead, define your vision. And then, bit by bit, edit away the things you don’t love, and fill your space with the things you DO love.


not like. Love.

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  • I love the orange. I am sorta on acid green? Hmmm. Falling in love with things is the way to go. I say buy it once.

  • Hmm I think nothing really prevents me from buying things I love- my problem is more that I buy too many things I love and my space is too tiny to fit them all :). Great advice though. I will keep this in mind when I shop, to not buy anything that doesn’t make me go wow!

  • Good for you! That’s one of my philosophys too bc if you really do love it, you’ll always find a spot for it. When I shop at home goods anything I really love or really like I throw in the cart, then when I’m all done I go through the cart and decide only on items I love and can’t walk away from. I find when those like items are mixed in with the love items, they simply don’t compare!

  • Love those orange pillows! Your new piece is going to look great above your bed :)

  • Good point. It’s not often that I run across things I LOVE, but when I do, I always fight with myself about buying it. Because it’s not a necessity. Or is it? Hmm.. I should be better about filling my life with things I love.

  • Such a great post, Darlene. You are so right. I plan on keeping this in mind every time I see something I like. I’ll ask myself, do I love it??

    You’re new piece is going to look great over your bed.

    Happy new year!

  • Would the rug work in here? Peach…orange?

    Girl, “666” people like Fieldstone Hill…we need to find you a new liker!

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