2012 Goals for my Home
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 by {darlene}

1. Finishing Touches

I hope to add some finishing touches to the rooms I focused on in 2011: the boys’ room {almost done, and looking just a bit different than the original design board.}, the upstairs bathroom, and the school room.

Here is a, never-before-seen, in-progress pic of our boys’ room.:

For a tutorial on that checkerboard floor {which is just subfloor!}, hop on over here.

Some great used-furniture finds have changed the shape that this room has taken, and I am loving it. Can’t wait to share an “after” pic soon.

2. Focus on our Living Room

It is the room where we spend all of our time. And a lot needs to be done to this new space. But this is the year. I hope to focus on our favorite room. I have already started the Vision Design Board….

3. Finally have our patio done {insert hope here}

I think we can. I think we can. I think we can.

This is what our patio looks like right now:

You can’t imagine how ready I am for that to change! The pile has looked like that for 4 years. Four.

Oh, and all we need is, well, some cold, hard cash. No problem.

4. Plant more trees

Each year we try to plant at least one tree. Lately, we have been working on a row of weeping willows to line the front of our property that sits along the road. Hoping to plant one in the spring and one in the fall!


5. Plant a vegetable garden and compost

Last year was my first garden, and I loved it. My plan is to make simple improvements this year, and make the garden a little bit bigger. I also plan to start composting.

{our garden beginnings; last year}

6. Replace my Dining Room table

My dining room table has served many wonderful years… and it is a brick house…. withstands anything. Including 6 years of boy-havoc. But, I have never loved its lines, and I am ready to move on.

Our dining room is the only place that we eat. I love that it has a classic farmhouse feel: a central place where the family gathers. So, I am hoping to add to the farmhouse simplicity with this walnut antique, that sits in our builder’s warehouse, awaiting some loving attention:

{It makes me happy to see the fireplace painted, the walls painted and the floors redone in this picture here. And I never realized, my fireplace used to be swine!}

All the table needs is a new apron, some legs, and to be sealed. and. All we need is cold, hard cash. No problem.


hmmm. Notice some trends with my 2012 goals? Apparently, I seem to think we will be coming upon some cold, hard cash this year…..

It is very important to be optimistic.

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