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Monday, January 9, 2012 by {darlene}

I hope that everyone’s new year is off to a great start!

Don’t you just love the feeling in the air at the beginning of a new year? And, as for me, I love to organize and purge my home of clutter and excess… so I am quite giddy this time of year.

I also love that “fresh, clean, and breath-able” are feelings that are embraced in our homes as we start up a new year together. Today’s ditto embodies all of those things!

Doesn’t this room just make you want to have a clean slate? {house beautiful}


  1. SAME NEUTRAL COLOR, DIFFERING PATTERNS AND TEXTURES. This is the overall design approach that is employed in this space, and it is what makes a room – that only uses shades of browns and creams – so interesting.
  2. TEENY STRIPE, LITTLE STRIPE, BIGGER STRIPE.  Differing sizes of brown stripes are used all around this foyer. I love the feeling that it gives. So much pattern, but it does not overwhelm, and still succeeds in feeling peaceful. The two rugs, the sofa, the grasscloth on the walls, and the mirror all use different brown stripes… but the blend is soothing and successful! Ditto!
  3. BUILT-IN BOOKSHELVES IN AN OTHERWISE UNUSED HALL. And not just any old bookshelves – gorgeous, thoughtful bookshelves that rise right out of the white wainscoting woodwork. The design is both beautiful and resourceful. That is my kind of ditto-worthy design.
  4. LAYERS UNDER YOUR ENTRY TABLE.  This is a decorators trick. Take a piece of furniture that has space beneath the legs, and add an interesting decorative piece beneath it. That way, you can add some beauty to your space without taking up any additional floor space.
  5. A TOUCH OF CHINOISERIE.  I am not over the gorgeous details of chinoiserie furnishings. The entry table in this foyer is simply stunning. The details of fretwork are what make chinoiserie pieces like works of art in your home.
  6. A BURST OF GREEN AMONGST THE NEUTRAL. This is a decorating idea that never gets old: every room needs a touch of life! And the gorgeous, lush, pale green plant shown in this space is perfection. For those not-horticulturally-challenged, can you name that plant? I would love to ditto it!
  7. CHINESE LAMP SHADES.  x 2. One hanging from the next. So cool. Ditto. {so, if you read the comments… you will know how crazy I am. Did this happen to you??}
  8. EDIT. EDIT. EDIT.  hmmm. remember this same comment was how I ended my last ditto post? This foyer is definitely an example of a room that carries no extra fluff, junk, or excess. And this word, “edit,” may be my decorating mantra for the new year. Have what you love. Only what you love. Give the rest to someone else who needs it. The end.





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  • Every detail about this room appeals to my eye…the grasscloth, the stripes, the blue accent pieces as planters. I don’t think the lanterns are hanging from each other though; the second one is in the hallway near the bookcase (also a brilliant solution!). Also love the best accessory, a dog allowed on the furniture!

  • That is So funny! I completely thought that the “little” one was hanging from the bigger one! That will have me giggling all morning!

  • I hope you will do small entryways sometime — the ones that are a brief pause before directly entering the great room. I always feel so exposed and wonder if a screen or plant might help but difficult to do when sq footage is tight. Such blockage, however, might not be the feeling we want to create in entryway! Welcome with reservations . . . .

    I love the console in this photo and the small stool beneath, a piece that is a treasure, one worth waiting for! I have picked up items, ‘just for now,’ for a certain space but I have learned it pays to wait for ‘the one’ that I will love for a long time. Hard to do.

  • Darlene I love the mirror and the rugs over those gorgeous hardwood floors! Beautiful all!

    Art by Karena

  • That is so beautiful and serene! Makes me want to cover every surface with grasscloth. :)

  • I love that mirror too, for a little punch, plus the cute color-coordinated pooch on the couch!!

  • Lantern, grasscloth, a hint of Asia, and the green is lovely but a total no for me as I have the black thumb of death. Great post.

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