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Monday, January 23, 2012 by {darlene}

This is not the first time I have shared this dining room, and it is not the first time I have shared the fabulous designer Garrow Kedigian. But, of course, I was giddy to see that both the designer I love, and the dining room of his that I love, were featured in the December issue of Elle Decor.

It is time to revisit this gorgeous space, break all of its loveliness apart, and ditto it!

{downtown loft, Garrow Kedigian}


  1. A STUNNING, ATTENTION GETTING, PAINTING THAT BRINGS A SPLASH OF COLOR. The moody, and bold, and larger-than-life oil painting in this room adds so much Wow factor that it elevates this room from beautiful into memorable. Would you dare to ditto by adding such a bold and grand piece of art to your space? It is certainly inspiring me to do JUST that in my living room. Need to build up the nerve for such a grand painting? Maybe start an Art Inspiration Board on Pinterest!
  2. DINING CHAIRS WITH CLASSIC FORM AND GEOMETRIC FABRIC.  You know how I love contrast!! And, how I think farmhouse simplicity is made even more amazing with some high-gloss glamour added. Well, these ditto-worthy dining room chairs are right in line with this decorating philosophy. Classic lines. Classic wood. Gutsy fabric. Bold Pattern. Simplicity and Glamour. Ditto!
  3. ART FLANKED BY ART. A huge piece of art is flanked by a set of two smaller, and more subtle, pieces of art. I love how this works in this space: adding both vertical and horizontal depth and interest to the room.
  4. SYMMETRY, SYMMETRY. EVERYWHERE.  I love symmetry. It makes my heart sing. I cannot tell a lie. Everywhere you look in this room, you can see fantastic examples of symmetry. The art. The white chairs. The end chairs. The lamps. But you know what else I love? The fact that the table’s floral centerpiece sits off center. Now how fun and lovely is that?
  5. UPHOLSTERED CHAIRS AT THE END OF YOUR DINING TABLE.  These chairs add pure grandeur to this dining space. The fabric option at the dinner table adds comfort and warmth – a great place to settle in for a great meal. Not to mention shiny, silver, high-gloss glamour.
  6. SHINY, DARK WOOD FLOORS. Considering refinishing your wood floors? Take a look at these beautiful, dark beauties. I love the contrast of light and dark together. And the pale walls and dark floors give an overall contrast, creating immediate decor vitality.
  7. EDIT. EDIT. EDIT.  This may just be my decorating word for 2012. {I have another word for 2012 to help shape the rest of my year… but why not add a decorating one as well?!}




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