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Thursday, January 5, 2012 by {darlene}

Once upon a time.

Many moons ago,

I made puppy-dog-eyes like a pitiful little princess.

oh, but, it was a dress I could not leave behind.

Despite its hefty cost, designer tag, and despite being on the very bad end of the British Pound to American Dollar Exchange rate…

One can certainly justify a dress like this, no?

Especially if you are prone to sing in recitals from time to time, right?

Of course. You see that the princess has quite a handsome prince {dashing in his Zegna suit}.

And a smart one too.

On his next business trip to England, he promptly brought it back for me.

on sale, no less.

You see. Among my many loves, I have a thing for olive.  especially, olive silk velvet.

need I say more?

the end.

{photo taken by Pop Pop, after the benefit Jazz recital I was privileged to perform for my dear friends who were adopting from China}

{to see more olive-love; check out yesterday’s post}

{Ooh. Ooh. Ooh! One last thing!!!! I am sharing a Contributor Post today at! I really hope you will hop over to read all about adding Winter Gorgeousness to your home. You simply must stop by!! See you there!}

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