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Monday, January 16, 2012 by {darlene}

Monday is almost always “ditto Monday” around here at Fieldstone Hill. But when Layla threw out the invitation for all of us to share our word of the year, I could not resist. You know how much I love having a Vision, and I think that picking one word to help focus the direction of your upcoming year is a beautiful idea.

So, I asked myself: What focus and what vision am I being called to pursue this year?

The word came right away: Do.

Think less. Do more.

You see, I am a dreamer. I believe in having a vision, and I cannot tell you how much joy I find in planning and thinking and dreaming. {Is this why I am a Pinterest lover?}. Dreaming is just what I do. And having a vision comes easily to me.  I do it with a twinkle in my eye and hope in my heart.

And yes, being a dreamer is so wonderful. It is one of my gifts, and it is why I love doing what I do.

But usually, if you have a strength in your personality, it can sometimes cause weaknesses as well.

And for me, that means that there are times where I need to be Thinking Less, and Doing More.


Just do.

“Gotta get out of bed, get a hammer and a nail.
Learn how to use my hands.
Not just my head, I’ll think myself into jail.
Now, I know a refuge never grows
from a chin and a hand in a thoughtful pose.
Gotta tend the earth if you want a rose.” – {source}
“He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgement.” – Proverbs 20:11 NIV

I have some personal goals for myself this year. And I have some goals for my home this year. And, like each year, we have our family goals set for the year {hubby and I love our New Year’s Planning Date}. We have vision. But, this year, I want to chill out with all my plans, and simply “Do.”

Doing is NOT about earning. Doing is about moving in the direction you were called to go.

I am going to work the land. I am going to tend the earth,

because that’s what you do when you want a rose to grow.

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you, Layla, for helping us to kick start the new year in such a fun, purposeful way.

The Lettered Cottage

And now, friends, I would love to know, what is YOUR word of the year?

* * * * * * * * * *

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  • Content – with my efforts, not with perfection. Content knowing he has prepared good things for me – you and your design genius are one of them, friend!

    • Beautiful Lib! Thank you. LOVE your word. Isn’t contentment elusive? With Him it is possible. He says so! Hugs this morning.
      I am certainly inspired to get out a hammer and nail, and do some things. But I am so THANKFUL I don’t have to EARN what REALLY matters!!!
      Have a great day!

  • Organization is mine, and I too have those nagging things that need to be done to have a finished room!!

  • LOVE this inspiring post!! I also love the first comment by Lib who said she wants to be content with her efforts, not perfection. Thank you!!

  • Great word and thoughts, Darlene! So happy that we met in blogland this year. All these friendships have enriched my life beyond measure. xoxo

  • Boy, do I relate to your word and your reasons for choosing it! I am definitely a dreamer and thinker too. That’s why, this year, my word is “spark” to encourage me to get motivated and do something with those ideas.

  • Five days ago I pick “do” as well and I’m happy to tell you it already made a difference in my daily life, instead of daydreaming about it. I wish you the very best with your “doing”

  • My word for the year is TRUST but your word DO is a close second. As I was reflecting on 2011 and thinking about 2012 one of the things I told myself was to stop wishing and start doing…I hope that you are able to DO all that you have in mind for 2012!

  • I think I’ll take DO as well. It’s really perfect. In other words… make it happen, right? Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll follow on bloglovin… glad i found your blog!

  • My word this is year is also {do}. I can relate to dreaming, planning, however not always doing. I’m pushing myself this year and am happy to find another person with {do} as a word!

    Also, I heart pinterest and am one of your newest followers!

  • A little word with much inspiration.

    I hope you’ll stop by and see mine.

    Be blessed!

  • 13 — for a diddy with 13 words I’m gonna follow this year:

    Use it up
    Wear it out
    Make it do, or,
    You do without

  • Hi Darlene! I love the word “do”. Do means progress to me, even if it’s to “do” a little, it’s progress :)

  • “Embrace” — an active word, like ‘do.’ Embrace the moment, be present. what does it mean to be present, to be in God’s presence? that’s a question I will take on this year.

  • I agree 100%….so in 2012 I am going to DO more and talk less. Sometimes I spend so much time discussing what I am going to do, I never get around to doing it.

  • Beautiful sentiment! Blessings on being able to do all you are called to do in this new year.

  • Darlene-I love your word of the year. I have a similar problem-thinking so much about what I am going to do that I end up doing nothing. It is very frustrating, and I have been told it is a sign of perfectionism. I agree with that for me at least. I’ll think about a project until I can do it just right…but it is ok to do things good enough!

    My word is “follower”. It might sound negative, but it isn’t.

  • “Help” is my word. To be a help and to receive help graciously when it is offered. I love your word “do” too. I think that it co-exists with help, because you can’t help without doing. Thanks for the great thought provoking post. (It took me all day to decide on a word.)

  • OH darlene! you’ve finally convicted me to “do”…actually leave a comment! Ha! Actually, I’m just catching up with you after catching *my* breath a little bit. I’m so very much a dreamer myself. SO much. After starting to “do” last year, now I’m trying to find “balance”. Not sure if that would be my word or not, but somewhere between do and balance, for certain!
    by the way…this is obviously late…{but you look fantastic in olive} :-)

  • My word is Peace but a little more Do wouldn’t hurt me either. If I got it done, I’d feel more peaceful. lol ~ Maureen

  • Great word! I am a dreamer too!
    And sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my dreams that it keeps me from doing anything.
    Can’t wait to see what you “do” in 2012!

  • Beautiful vision! And thanks for sharing that awesome proverb!

  • This is perfect Darlene. I love the word “do”. It’s exactly how I feel about this year. Thank you

  • And best wishes to you as you move in the direction you are called to go. Beautifully put.

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