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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 by {darlene}

I am totally in love with the look of equestrian, especially for the home.

Bringing the equestrian look into our lives is a part of our rich history. The equestrian influence in the home is now a part of Iconic America, made everlasting by the likes of Bill Blass and Ralph Lauren.

{Bill Blass’s New Preston Court Home}

Horse Country Style also happens to be in my own heritage. I grew up very close to this place. And yes, indeedy, I can decifer the scent difference between equine manure and other less sophisticated smells {smile}.  These beautiful creatures are an art of creation… and you can take the girl out of Northwestern Jersey, but you can’t take the Horse Country out of the girl. This is the farmhouse-simplicity that runs in my veins.

{a regular scene in my childhood: This is a horse farm in my hometown, NJ}

There are definitely elements of equine in my home, and I keep my eyes open for ways to add more. Here is a list of equine elements that would add the sophisticated touch of Horse Country to your home.

Equine Elements for your Home:

1. silver trophies {en masse}
2. plaid
3. brown leather
4. a set of riding or mucking boots, sitting in the foyer. Especially en masse.
5. horse riding equipment: leather straps, bits, etc.
6. art with equestrian themes or hunting themes.
7. antique velvet riding hats
8. old, beat up, well loved, oriental rugs
9. a roaring fire. The real kind.
10. pegs by the door
11. fox-hunting bugles
12. horse fencing
13. a no-nonsense elegance, with a touch of sparsity
14. equestrian ribbon displays
15. Rustic farm tables
16. Pumpkin pine, antique, wide-board flooring
17. Painted paneling


Feast on these gorgeous pics, and let a touch of sophisticated equestrian filter into your home:


Are you inspired? Dreaming up ways to add a touch of horse-country into your home? Which equestrian influences do you love? Do tell!

For photo sources and more horse-country influenced photos, hop on over to my Pinterest Board: my thing for horse country.

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  • Such an interesting post, Darlene. Since I’ve haven’t had much contact with this world, I hadn’t really thought about it, but your post has made me realize that I’ve always loved these things about equestrian style. I love how all of your images have the same theme, but the styles of decorating are all so different. Great post! I really enjoyed it!

  • Interesting post! I grew up with horses on a ranch. Best friend a girl could have. My dad ended up racing horses for awhile after retiring. But they were all too spoiled to run well. One of them had to have a morning massage before eating! I would love to find some affordable horse art for my walls. The spirit of horse inside my home.

  • A post close to my heart :) I have a room I am considering to dedicate to equestrian ..I just need to dig out all my old riding outfits and trophies :) he he

  • This post is near and dear to me! I grew up in Northern VA “horse country” and in a barn and I’m always trying to find ways to put touches of equestrian in my home. I have a print that I love and little touches here and there- a wine rack made of horse shoes is my favorite. Thanks for more ideas and inspiration!

  • This is such a cool post idea! I love the way all the equestrian touches “feel” in a home, but I wish I lived the kind of life that would make them not seem so contrived. (I need a pet horse.)

  • I love the equestrian look in a home. I have a sitting room done in this style. So warm and cozy. Love these inspiration pictures.

  • Morning Darlene,

    Love the white slipped sofa and the large horse portrait…YUM!

    I live in Fauquier County, Va….BIG horse country!!! Not unusual to see an equine influence in almost every home here, especially the older homes. I have horse farms all around me…even my beloved Benji in the pasture behind me. Benji stops in front of my home every morning and wait for me to bring him a carrot…his owner says I have spoiled him ;->

    Have a lovely day
    Janet xox

  • Hi Darlene, I love equestrian style, so this post was right up my alley. I also love the coffee table book Hunt Country Style. It has some gorgeous homes. Thanks for the great post!

  • I remember I used to stay near a ranch during my younger years. My dad used to bring me to watch them gallop in the open.

    This post brings back some memories. Thanks a million.

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