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Tuesday, February 28, 2012 by {darlene}

I am finally making some progress on the boys’ room! Some of you may remember that I vowed to finish the boys room in 2011. Well, that did not happen – in an old home, there are always expensive and unexpected maintenance problems that occur, and derail you from other projects. {fellow old-home-lovers beware!}

But finally, I am one rug, two pillows and two wicker trunks away from finishing our boys’ room… and I love how it is coming together!

Things have changed since my original design, mostly due to great finds that still fit closely within my original vision. That is the beauty of a Vision Design Board – they are both flexible and concrete enough to keep you on track.

As the room evolved, I created a new Vision Design Board for myself. I thought you might have fun seeing the two different Design Boards:

First Vision Design Board:

Revised Vision Design Board:

So today, for fun, I want to share a teensy weensy sneak peek of the gorgeous art wall that sits between the two twin beds.

My friend Jennifer, of the Finest Kind Shop, made the beautiful signs that you see below {click here to enter and win two of your own!}

Every night, before bed, I sing to the boys. And each one of them has their own special “mommy and me” song. So, I worked with Jennifer to create six boards that captured snippets of their special songs.

My firstborn’s song is “Evermore I will Love You,” so we put that one on his side of the bed.  And my Nugget’s song is “You are my Sunshine,” and that sits near his bed. Many nights, the whole family sings “Jesus Loves Me,” together. These memories are priceless to me, so I cannot begin to tell you how much we all love these gorgeous signs. The boys probably love them the most!

This room has lots of other fun touches, so I can’t wait to share the reveal! Be sure you are a subscriber, so you don’t miss it! {I don’t even know when it will be finished! ha!}

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Don’t you just love those signs??? I hope you can win two gorgeous signs of your own, and fill them up with words that are special to you and your family.  There are just two days left, today and tomorrow, so enter here to win!

or click on the photo below to get to the Giveaway Page.

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